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Les Partisanes

Les Partisanes

Elise and Jessica, two childhood friends passionate about fashion and the clock industry, made their dream come true when creating Les Partisanes.

Who are you?

Elise & Jessica, both thirty years old Parisians and co-founders of Les Partisanes brand. It’s when we created Les Partisanes, one and a half year ago that we made our dream come true: create a feminine, timeless collection inspired by casual chic looks !

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Why did you choose to go into fashion ?

Fashion has always been an attractive world for us. It takes part into our everyday life. And watchmaking has always been a common passion for both of us. So, what could be better than make it our daily job !

Could you describe to us your creative universe ?

From the beginning we started our work based on three essential values : quality, know how and design. We chose from the beginning to work in collaboration with small structures for production. We wished to propose to our customers quality products for moderate prices. Our world is feminine, emotional, we wish to convey delicacy, curve and feminity through our collections. Season colors transform watches into a real fashion accessory and details like our second hand, in acid colors, is very important to Les Partisanes’s spirit.

What are your sources of inspiration ?

We took inspiration from a mix of the 30’s and the 40’s when women wore watches as a true jewel, and from today's trends in ready to wear and accessoiries. Our brand is a mix of the past and nowadays woman.

How do you manufacture your pieces ?

All creation decisions are taken by both of us. We define together a huge line of products and Elise begins to give them life ! First of all a rapid sketch, then a computer drawing before our briefing is sent out to our workshops. At the end we check each technical drawing which corresponds to the product. It’s at that moment that we begin the sampling part, essential to validate our idea. When all different elements are defined, the production can finally start.

Could you tell us a couple words about your collaboration with MonDéfilé ?

We follow the MonDéfilé adventure since the beginning: we are therefore really excited to take part in this project !

If you were to be a piece of clothing or an accessory, what would you be ?

A watch of course ! Because in the digital era, this accessory is a timeless and emotional object.

"Our brand is a mix of yesterday and nowadays women."

Golden Palm Award


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