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Catherine Gaillard

It is while cruising the secret streets that she finds the inspiration to create her first collection of bags and small accessories with the idea of ​​permanent duality that characterizes Fez.

Who are you?

Installed for the last few years in Morocco, in the heart of the medina of Fez, I am an architect and artistic director. I live and work in a large and beautiful Riad that I restored myself, where contemporary forms combine with style to the traditional architecture of Fes. I love the contrast and the clash of cultures that I discovered this fascinating city, which is full of specialised and extraordinary craftsmen.

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Why did you decide to go into fashion?

More than fashion, I chose design, the specialised know-how of craftsmanship and work with leather.

Can you describe your creative universe to us?

The universe of Catherine Gaillard is characterised by clean lines and minimalist design. It's all in the details and the curiousity of materials.

 What are your sources of inspiration?

Bauhaus, deserts, painting, and pictorial art. 

How do you go about making your pieces?

Each piece is made in Fez, by hand, and according to the local skills of specialised craftsmen. The leathers are carefully selected, the cuts are made ​​by hand like the spreading and perforation. 

 Can you give us a few words about your collaboration with MonDéfilé ?

A real encounter, we have respect for one another's work, it's an intelligent way to work, which highlights new designers.

If you could be a piece of clothing or an accessory what would you be?

I would be a Kelly bag from Hermès, because it is a timeless piece that transcends all trends and times.

"Between tradition and modernity, richness and simplicity, darkness and light, ostentation and discretion, diagrams and arabesques..."

Golden Palm Award


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