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Eon Eon Eon


A French-American designer who borrows style ideas from urban ready-to-wear, American sportswear, and the myth of Chevalier Eon.

Who are you?

I am a 29 year-old French American designer, who has a double diploma in management and fashion design (New York FIT and atelier Chardon Savard in Paris). I decided to fully dedicate myself to fashion design. After some experience at Alexander Wang, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Martin Margiela, I launched my own brand in 2012, EON.

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Why did you choose to go into fashion?

I never really liked my business and finance studies so I decided to start everything from scratch again after my master degree. I was interested in couture and fashion design since I was 14 and had taken fashion design and pattern classes in Grenoble (France). This really convinced me to go forward. Clothes were the medium I liked best to express my creativity.

Could you describe to us your creative universe?

Sportwear takes a big place in my collections, as well as nature. The prints I create are usually based on minerals from which I change the colors. I also like to work on fabric contrasts, transparences and insets.

What are your sources of inspiration ?  

The name of the brand comes from Eon knight, a knight who knew how to combine women and men clothes to his advantage, creating ambiguity on his sexual nature. He was brave, provocative, independent, and knew how to make people accept his condition in a world ruled by men. I therefore intend to create a brand for young, urban, active women. My clothes are a mix between urban ready to wear and American sportswear.

Could you tell us a couple words about your collaboration with MonDéfilé??

I am delighted and very grateful to start this new adventure with MonDéfilé.

If you were to be a garment or an accessory, which one would you be ?  

Very comfortable and perfectly fit jeans

"The name of the brand comes from Eon knight."

Golden Palm Award


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