Moovjee, mouvement des jeunes entrepreneurs étudiants



MoovJee : MonDéfilé benefited from Moovjee’s one-year mentoring program since September 2012. Mentoring is all about professional accomplishment, sharing experiences and transferring competencies between an experienced manager and a team of young entrepreneurs. Following this rule, Nelly Rodi who founded the eponymous trends’ desk is mentoring MonDéfilé since December 2012.


Réseau entreprendre Paris




Réseau Entreprendre Paris : MonDéfilé is laureate of this entrepreneurship network since October 2012. This network offers young entrepreneurs a professional support by a successful manager and a financial support in the form of a loan.


Incubateur HEC




Incubateur HEC Business School : MonDéfilé has been part of the HEC incubator since early 2011. This structure supports around twenty entrepreneurial projects per year. It offers personalized coaching, technical working groups, and a stimulating entrepreneurial environment. Its goal is to turn simple ideas into successful projects.


Couveuse GEAI




GEAI : For 6 months, MonDéfilé was part of this incubator that offers personalized and specialized monitoring in the Fashion and Design industry. This incubator helps many young fashion designers who are willing to start their own brand.

Paris Pionnieres




Paris Pionnières : Paris Pionnières is a structure that supports women innovative business creation. MonDéfilé was hosted by Paris Pionnières from September 2011 to March 2013.

Golden Palm Award


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