Our workshop

Manufacture exclusive high quality pieces



Each garment is the fruit of an exclusive collaboration between one of our community’s elected fashion designer and the MonDéfilé team.

We take care of the entire process for each piece: garment development, choice of high quality textiles, small scale production and logistics.

Each piece is made on demand in our workshop within 15 days, delivery included. With no stock, and no middlemen, this process allows us to offer you high quality unique garments at affordable prices.


talented designers

MonDéfilé team ensures a personalized support to each of the designers we collaborate with. From the first styling proposition to the validation of the final prototype, we take part in all steps of the collection.


Discover tomorrow’s fashion designers through unique collaborations.

Offer exclusivity

to our community

MonDéfilé collaborates with ready-to-wear fashion designers to create 100% exclusive and unique collections. All pieces are manufactured in our workshops. For jewellery and accessory designers, we set up product exclusive partnerships within their existing collections to offer you the most rare pieces.



young fashion designers

Financing a collection and getting visibility are the main obstacles to the development of a young fashion designer’s brand.

To solve this issue, MonDéfilé’s mission is to foster promising talent by bringing their creative designs to our community, helping to produce their collections in our workshops and creating a marketplace for fresh fashion. 

Discover, participate,
have fun

MonDéfilé commits to introduce you to new designers each month. You then can vote for your favorite designers and elect tomorrow’s talents. All elected designers’ pieces will become available for sale in our Shop and get produced.

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