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France 2 (TV show « C’est au programme » on January, 9th 2012): MonDéfilé.com, fashion designers at low prices
Is it possible to buy fashion designer clothes at low prices? Yes it is, thanks to MonDéfilé! This website proposes a new concept: bringing together items created by young designers and ask their customers to vote for their favorite! Watch the video

Magazine Grazia France (semaine du 2-8/12/2011) : (during the week of December 2nd to 8th, 2012): Thank you for the crisis! They start their own business, and it works! 

Jeanne Coëffé, 29 years old, started a business in the fashion online industry. “My website definitely has its place in the current context of economic crisis: we propose items designed by fashion designers at accessible prices. (...)" 

BFM Business

BFM Business (Radio show « BFM Académie » aired on December 14th and 15th 2012)

The founder of MonDéfilé Jeanne Coëffé introduces her project for the BFM Academy competition. Nicolas Doze and Eve Chegaray host the show which was broadcasted on BFM Business TV and Radio . Watch the video

20 minutes

20 minutes (published on 02/10/2012) : A new virtual shop front

Wow, that’s a nice Kiff by Olga tunic! Look, there is also Milkaya Laijah high-waisted shorts! Is that a Galatée Pestre silver chain and a MaDemoiselle Pierre golden bracelet?  (...) Read the article

ELLE : Preorder the must have !

It is the e-user’s ultimate fantasy: not having to wait for an item to be available in store to order it. Preordering is getting e-generalized.

glamour : The latest fashion good initiative is the launch of MonDéfilé.com 

Glamour loves initiatives that aim at promoting young fashion designers. That’s why we are going to introduce you to the launch of a new website, MonDéfilé.com (...) Read the article


Cosmopolitan France (July 2012) : Young designers buzz in my closet

On MonDéfilé.com, discover young talented designers and vote for your favorite piees. The ones that are the most voted become available on the online store at accessible prices. That’s enough to put a smile on your dressing’s face without blowing up your shopping budget.


Be : Discover tomorrow’s fashion designers with MonDéfilé

We got a crush on this website that just got launched. It is a trendy and innovative concept (...) Read the article

Fashion Mag : MonDéfilé.com makes designers pieces accessible

If social media can make Internet users talk together, it can also bring professionals and consumers together. MonDéfilé was created based on that observation (...) Read the article

 Nelly Rodi Lab

Nelly Rodi Lab : MonDéfilé.com wins the first prize, the Golden Palm !

On June 14th took place the “E-commerce prices”. The first prize was attributed to a creative and innovative project founded by Jeanne, Sarah and Thomas (graduates of the HEC Business School and the Fashion School IFM). Their goal is to promote young unknown fashion designers and to make their creations accessible to all. Read the article

 Eleonore Bridge

Eleonore Bridge's blog : Clic Clac !

Yesterday I did a photo shoot for the website MonDéfilé. It meant a lot to me (…) I could count all the collaborations I did on the fingers of one hand. I need to be seduced by the people, the project and the company I am working with. And I really liked MonDéfilé. In my opinion, they bring a real and useful service to young designers  (…) Read the article

 Pauline Fashion Blog

Pauline Fashion Blog : Lady Like

(…) Today’s outfit is very feminine, thanks to this lovely Andrea Tatikian pleated silk top and its removable lace collar. The pencil skirt is by Milkaya Laijah. I found both those items on MonDéfilé.com, a great project aiming at helping young fashion designers who are trying to make it in the fashion industry. The website is a real springboard on which the consumers vote for their favorite items before buying them. A website that I would strongly recommend! (...) Read the article  


Adénorah : On the abandonned looking beach ...

I already told you about that bracelet… but I didn’t tell you about the website I found it on, MonDéfilé.com. (…) Read the article  

 The Little World of Fashion

The Little World of Fashion : Tutu !

Before going to the other side of the Atlantic and freeze my balls off, let me show you my new favorite tutu that I found on the website Mondéfilé.com (…) Read the article  

The Black Feather


The Black Feather : The Black Feather x MonDéfilé (part I)

I spent the summer working with the MonDéfilé team to create 3 pieces for a capsule collection. I created a leather clutch bag with metallic embellishments, a skater skirt with a lace border and a blouse with a draped back (...) Read the article  


The Black Feather : The Black Feather x MonDéfilé (part II)

The Black Feather blog mode

Let me show you my capsule collection for MonDéfilé: a skater skirt with lace border, worn with… the blouse I created as well. So in order not to be too girly, I am wearing it with boots (...) Read the article  


The Black Feather : The Black Feather x MonDéfilé (part III) 

 The Black Feather blogueuse mode

These last days, I have been talking a lot about my creations for MonDéfilé. I already showed you the blouse and the skirt I created. Here is the last piece: a leather clutch bag with metallic embellishments. I am wearing it with Hudson pants I am in love with (...) Read the article   

Slanelle style blog mode

Slanelle Style : My capsule collection for MonDéfilé, “the couture sweatshirt” 

Hello! How much of a secret keeper am I! I have done so many great things this summer that I haven’t told you about. Some of them are not interesting enough to be told (did I mentioned I cut my toenails?) but there were also some pretty cool things. For example (and that’s actually the only example I have) I created a capsule collection for MonDéfilé  (...) Read the article 

Slanelle blogueuse mode

Slanelle Style : My capsule collection for MonDéfilé, Little Princess Dress 

Hello! After showing you the couture sweatshirt I created with MonDéfilé, here is the Little Princess Dress! I have been looking for a nice strapless dress for a long time, and never found it. So I jumped on the opportunity to create it! (...) Read the article 

Journal les Echos

Les Echos newspaper : The route of an entrepreneur, Jeanne Coëffé, MonDéfilé.com

MonDéfilé is about fashion, but not only. This website has everything to please any fashonista. Come discover this beautiful project that started in the incubator Paris Pionnières. Watch the vidéo  

 Le Parisien journal

Le Parisien (published on 06/18/2012) : MonDéfilé.com wins the first prize, the Golden Palm! 

On Thursday, MonDéfilé won the first prize of the “E-commerce prizes”. This website launched in autumn, aims to promote young fashion designers. Every month, about ten of them propose an exclusive piece created for MonDéfilé only. The customers vote for their favorite ones. 

 Fashion Daily

Fashion Daily

MonDéfilé is a new e-shop supporting young designers by proposing to customers to vote for their favorite ones (...) Read the article 

 La Tribune

La : The first business incubator for women only

« … » Many women with a long list of qualifications and a great professional experience want to join Paris Pionnières, the first business incubator to be reserved to women. Jeanne Coëffé is a graduate of HEC, “…” she wanted to join an incubator to develop MonDéfilé.com  (...) Read the article

 Le Journal du Net

Le Journal du Net : MonDéfilé.com gets the first prize of the "Ecommerce awards"

For its 2012 edition, the “E-commerce prizes” were won by MonDéfilé.com (first prize), (second prize) and (third prize). MonDéfilé.com is an online store selling clothes created by unknown designers (...) Read the article

 Tech Crunch

TechCrunch : Mondéfilé.com gets the 1st prize of the Ecommerce Awards

The winners of the “E-commerce prizes 2012” were announced on June 14th. This French contest was launched four years ago and rewards the greatest e-commerce projects out there. The criterions are creativity, originality or feasibility. (...) Listen to the broadcast


Widoobiz : Jeanne Coëffé  is the guest of the show Business Women hosted by Londa Ladibi

Starting your own fashion online store is many girls’ dream. The businesswomen we are meeting today have to face the growing number of fashion e-stores. That’s why they have to be creative, innovative and different from their competitors, build up a real online network, etc  (...) Read the article

 Capitaine commerce

Blog Capitain Commerce : is the winner of the “E-commerce prizes 2012” 

The “E-commerce prizes” is a contest organized by “La Chambre de Commerce de Paris” (Paris’ Chamber of Commerce) so it’s worth an article about it. This year, the first prize was awarded to the fashion website MonDéfilé.com.  (...) Read the article

Au féminin 

Au : Vote fort your favorite clothes on MonDéfilé.com !

After Carnet de Mode and Brandalley, here comes MonDéfilé.com. It is the new 100% fashion crowd funding website that supports young designers! (...) Read the article


Ykone : Shop fashion designers on MonDéfilé.com! 

You are a fashionista and you love exclusive items? Your biggest dream is to shop designers’ pieces but your budget is tight? Then MonDéfilé.com was created for you!  (...) Read the article


Modzik : Discover young designers …

Who has ever dreamt of one day being dressed with designers’ clothes only? We all have the same problem: the budget is tight! But thanks to MonDéfilé.com, the dream comes true. Focus on that new e-shop  (…) Read the article


Sarenza : MonDéfilé.com puts on a show!
During the Paris Fashion Week, Sarenza was invited to an unusual show. It was the launching show of MonDéfilé.com, a brand new website proposing young fashion designers’ items  (...) Read the article

Mode Doctissimo : Today’s online store is MonDéfilé.com 

L The website of the day is MonDéfilé.com that aims to promote young fashion designers (...) Read the article

Tours Madame : MonDéfilé.com, designers’ clothes for everybody! 

If you like exclusive, original and quality clothes then you are going to like MonDéfilé.com, a website that sends young designers to your home! (...) Read the article


Hellocoton : Today’s online store is MonDéfilé.com! 

The website of the day is Mondéfilé.com, created to promote young fashion designers. (...) Read the article


Terrafemina : Treat yourself with designers’ clothes thanks to MonDéfilé.com! 

MonDéfilé.com is the newborn fashion online store that proposes a unique concept. On MonDéfilé, the users get to choose the clothes that are going to be sold on the website. The pieces are created by young fashion designers exclusively for the website and are available at affordable prices  (...) Read the article

BFM Business

BFM Business (Radio Show "Good Morning Business" aired on 03/27/2013)

The founder of MonDéfilé.com, Jeanne Coëffé, introduces her website on BFM Business. The show is hosted by Stéphane Soumier and aired on BFM Business TV and Radio.  Watch the video

Gloobbi : The Founders: Jeanne Coëffé

Gloobbi's ongoing series “The Founders” aims to give an insight into emerging entrepreneurial minds and their impressive business projects. For this latest installment, we met with the founder of MonDéfilé, Jeanne Coëffé (...) Read the article


June TV (TV Show La Reporter June aired on May 15th 2013) : The businesswomen and Carole, MonDéfilé

Carole Tolila, Reporter for June TV, talks once again about the winning women. Today Carole is meeting seven young businesswomen representing the girl power in all its glory. Watch the video

 logo_mairie_de_paris : Paris Esprit d'Entreprise 2013

“Paris Esprit d’Entreprise” is a professional network composed of start-ups that are supported by the Paris city hall. On May 22nd, Paris City Hall hosted the network’s annual evening where all members could share their professional experiences  Read the article

logo-doitinparis : Become an expert in fashion trends with MonDéfilé.com! 

If you are tired of all the usual ready-to-wear stores that suck the lifeblood out of our dressings, then MonDéfilé.com was made for you. It is a new 100% fashion online store that promotes young designers taking into consideration their customers’ point of view. Read the article


 Adénorah : My new capsule collection

It is finally time for me to tell you about my new capsule collection for MonDéfilé.com (…) Read the article  

Golden Palm Award


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