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Olivier Battino Olivier Battino Olivier Battino

Olivier Battino

After his fashion studies and designing experiences at Thierry Mugler and Dorothée Bis, Olivier Battino created his own brand in 1994.

Who are you?

I am a female ready-to-wear designer and a free-lance designer for other brands.

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Why did you choose to go into fashion?
Creating clothes is a way to express myself and bring some beauty into people’s everyday life.

Could you describe to us your creative universe?
My universe is very eclectic. I am always alert of the latest artistic, musical and of course fashion movements.

What are your sources of inspiration?
Cinema is my main source of inspiration. Wong Kar Wai, François Truffaut, Pedro Almodovar and Woody Allen are my favourite directors. A few actresses also embody elegance according to me: Catherine Deneuve, Scarlette Johansson, Rachel Weisz or Amber Hears. But I can also find inspiration in elegant women I saw in the street, or friends of mine who tell me about their fashion desires.

Could you tell us a couple words about your collaboration with MonDéfilé?
I love our collaboration, because it helps me selling my creation to a larger target, with a quality/price ratio very well studied.

If you were to be a piece of clothing or an accessory, what would you be?
Dresses are my favourite, because a piece has to be self-efficient. I think it is the perfect female model.

"Dresses are my favourite"

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