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Marie Martens

Originally from Gand in Belgium, Marie Martens has always worked on fabric eventhough she did not make it her profession in the beginning.

Who are you?

I am from Belgium and in love with Paris city since I was a child. I today share my time between Versailles and Gand.

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Why did you choose to go into fashion ?

I started to create a jewellery brand in 2012, named "Marie-moi" (Marry me in English) with the idea to go further as my head was already full of projects. My dad had a very good sense of aesthetics and fabrics that he transmitted to me during my childhood. The will to start my own company came from my mother. This double heritage gives me an extraordinary creative energy! I then decided to dedicate myself fully to the launch of a bag brand, with a particular attention to the choice of my suppliers.

Could you describe your creative universe ?

My life between Paris and Gand inspires my design of discrete and offbeat luxury bags for ultrachic women that know how to overcome regular society rules. My collections look like me, a subtle mix between rock, glamour and classicism, both sensual and pure shapes as well as ever lasting, original, practical and fun.

How do you manufacture your pieces?

I always start from an idea, a need for a bag that I would carry myself. I make drawings all day long, at any time and everywhere I go. I then define the proportions by making a real size drawing. Finally I make a first real size paper sample before making a real prototype. My supplier then makes a prototype in real leather and calculates the time spent, material spent, accessories so that I can set the final price and choose the colors and materials that will be needed for the production.

Can you tell us couple words about your collaboration with MonDéfilé?

It was a really nice encounter with MonDéfilé during my first Who's Next fair in Paris. I was only just starting my brand. I am very honored and glad to have been selected for a collaboration with MonDéfilé, with one of my best sellers.

If you were a garment or accessory, which would you be?

A Marie Martens bag ! I can identify to every piece in my collection. All correspond to my personality. Eventually, if one of the designs or prototype do not correspond to me, I usually take it out of the collection.

"I particularly fancy chic details and nice fabrics."

Golden Palm Award


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