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Boks & Baum

The brand name boks & baum comes from her family name, Sylvie Boksenbaum. It was during her travels in Africa and Latin America that Sylvie had the desire to wear fancy jewelry, colorful and surprising accessories.

Who are you?

I started my designer's route in the 80s in Paris, in the Marais. I opened a shop/workshop dedicated to knitwear customized design "Côte à Côte". I then moved to South Africa and Brazil where I felt the desire to wear fancy jewelry, colorful and surprising accessories. However, I'm allergic to all metals! I therefore looked for a method to create metal parts without any contact with the skin and I had the idea to crochet a chain with cotton. This was precursor.

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Why did you choose to go into fashion ?

I have always been passionate about fashion and art deco. My shop / workshop "Côte à Côte " was a great success, so much that I participated in the TV show "Surtout le matin" on TF1 in which I taught the secrets of crochet to celebrities. It is my grandmother who taught me how to crochet. I created my first crochet pattern in 2005, "Amandine", a multicolor cotton long necklace. At the time, nothing looked like my creation. I found that the result was really interesting and so I developed this technique, then added semiprecious stones to it. Finally I moved to Mexico, created my brand and I opened my studio there.

Could you describe your creative universe ?

According to me the jewel is one of the most brilliant way of expressing one's personality. Mine is targeted at stylish women who are willing to have a different and chic look. The Boks & Baum creations  venture to unexpected creative horizons and extravagant volumes, bright colors, quirky shapes, astonishing combinations. These are unique pieces, light and comfortable, which can be worn any time, for different occasions. Having a Boks & Baum necklace brings personality to the style, it is a beautiful fashion accessory.

What are your sources of inspiration?

Everything and anything. I love antiques. Some of my pieces are crocheted around keychains. I am really inspired by fashion too, I have an affinity with colors, styles, harmonies. My travels have also influenced my designs obviously. I was very sensible to street handicraft in Africa. I was amazed by the beauty of gemstones in Brazil and Mexico is a country full of sun, colors, energy. All these crops are concentrated in my necklaces!

How do you manufacture your pieces?

The uniqueness of my creations is the result of a manufacturing style and a unique and unusual technique mixing crochet and fine stones. All my jewelry, made entirely by hand in our workshop, is a mix of materials such as cotton yarn, silk, Swarovski crystals and natural stones (jasper, agate, obsidian, amazonite, quartz, amethyst, etc.). Each of them take from 7 up to 37 hours of work. The embroidered pockets with the brand logo are also sewn by us. We create for our customers unique pieces of very good quality resulting from handicraft through an exceptional expertise in the service of fashion jewelery.

Can you tell us couple words about your collaboration with MonDéfilé?

I am proud and delighted that my brand is considered promising by MonDéfilé! Indeed, the selection made by MonDéfilé is very qualitative and original, and I'm flattered that my creations are seen as trendy. This also allows me to test the success of my jewelery to a wider audience, and offers me an opportunity to develop the awareness of my brand.

If you were a garment or accessory, which would you be?

A necklace ... no, it is a too easy answer! A beautiful pair of golden boots ...

"A maxi colorful chain was precursor!"

Golden Palm Award


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