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Sasha Berry

Sasha Berry

Angelina Ober, young deisgner of Uzbekistan impassionned of art and fashion, wished through his creations to bind his two passions: fashion and Art.

Who are you?

My name is Angelina, I come from Uzbekistan.I have make my studies in England, in London and in France, in Montpellier. I am able to succeed in my life mixing my passions : art and fashion, with work. After, I created a scarf brand based on the contemporary art. Sasha Berry is launched in 2012.

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Why did you choose to go into fashion ?

After my studies I worked for fashion magazine Mojeh in Paris, that opened me doors towards all shows and the big fashion houses like Chanel, Dior, Armani... Since always, I also like art. I thus wanted to create something which resembled to me and which I liked.

Could you describe to us your creative universe ?

Scarves, it exists there of all kinds and in all brands, but here it is an artistic concept which hides behind original printed and inspired by the contemporary art.

What are your sources of inspiration ?

Behind these refined printedit is a whole panoply of various and varied artists who are at the origin of drawings, paintinfgs and other unique artistic compositions. Then they transposed on fabrics whose size is worthy of quality and of the originality.

How do you manufacture your pieces ?

I decide to come back in my country of origin to study the Uzbek ancestral know-how of the spinning mill for better understand the work of the tisserands.Then I leave for India with an aim of finding the best workshops of creation which will allow the realization of my luxury products than I wish accessible.

Could you tell us a couple words about your collaboration with MonDéfilé ?

I am very happy to learn that Mondéfilé exists because it is an opportunity for customers to meet new designers, to share the experience and to go more into the fashion universe.

If you were to be a piece of clothing or an accessory, what would you be ?

A scarf of course, only one is enough. We can use it everywhere, in travel, in the work, during a date…

"The scarves Sasha Berry offer opportunity of carrying the every day of artistic works around the neck."

Golden Palm Award


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