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Cécile Boccara

Cécile Boccara

Cécile Boccara is a designer of jewellery and accesories who created her own brand using her name.

Who are you?

I am both a poet and manual designer !

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Why did you choose to go into fashion ?

Mathematics weren't my strongest skill ! Accounting and cooking are areas that could have pleased me, however jewellery making took everything over !


Could you describe to us your creative universe ?

I am very sensible to nature such as the sound of a river, the flight of bird, the movement of clouds. I love watching children play,  the rustle of silk or enjoy a sip of champagne.


What are your sources of inspiration ?

I find my inspiration in gardens, dance, visual arts and fabrics.

How do you manufacture your pieces ?

Only thanks to the hand versatility. With my hand, I design, manufacture, improve and correct.


Could you tell us a couple words about your collaboration with MonDéfilé ?

This partnership will allow better awareness and recognition to my brand and the work I do in my workshop. I am looking for the best resellers for my creations.


If you were to be a piece of clothing or an accessory, what would you be ?

I would be a red cape at Brandebourg, a golden bracelet on a baby's hand or a camelia in the hair of Billie Holliday.

"I find my sources of inspirations in gardens, dance, visual arts and fabric."

Golden Palm Award


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