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Studio Baqué Molinié

"Vagabond", introduced at the International festival of young fashion designers is our first luxury women’s ready-to-wear collection. 

Who are you?

We met each other during our studies at ESAA Duperré fashion school. First, we worked for fashion houses. Since a year, we have created our own creative studio, Studio Baqué Molinié.

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Why did you choose to go into fashion ? 

We both come from the fashion sector, in style and textile. Our career path within fashion houses led us naturally to apply our knowledge to fashion. We enjoy answering to spontaneous creative desires related to projects that can emerge. Fashion is without any doubt a field of exploration that passionates us.

Can you describe your creative universe to us ? 

Impelled by the desire to make our know-how interact, all of our pieces are designed for being as aesthetic as comfortable. We design embroidered garments inspired by sportswear and reworked in a couture spirit. Our textile expertise, mainly focused on embroidery drives us to dig in that ancestral technique, to divert it from its ornamental  function in order to convert it into a physical and aesthetic modernity. The embroideries are materialized by the interpretation of graphical elements. Openwork fabrics that assume a visual breathing and a tangible malleability. This collection draws a relaxed and fashionable silhouette punctuated by a walk with confidence and purpose.   

What are your sources of inspiration ? 

Our sources of inspiration, there is no correct answer. Of course we are influenced by everything that makes life, in a general way a global aesthetics, a modern design, a lifestyle. This collection is inspired by a mind set, a physical and mental gait. A reflection on the use of a moving body.

How do you go about making your pieces ? 

All the pieces are made in France, in Paris. With our specific features we develop ourselves each clothes in all the conception. The embroidery is produced in India most of the time. The Indian know-how is an incredible and endless ground of creative possibilities. We give importance to exploit nice fabrics of high quality, sourced in Europe, especially in France or England. It’s above all, a work of connexion between us, a dialogue between design, fashion and textile.

Can you give us a few words about your collaboration with MonDéfilé ? 

Our collaboration started with the meeting of Sarah and Jeanne at the festival where we won the opportunity to produce and commercialize this collection. We worked together on the finalization of each piece and our exchanges enabled us to discover the development process of a ready-to-wear line. We are delighted by the work accomplished and happy to introduce this collection on MonDéfilé.

If you could be a piece of clothing or an accessory what would you be ? 

Sneakers. We both go together as a pair.

"The image of a young woman carefree and dynamic, on the road, walking, wandering."

Golden Palm Award


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