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Louise de Testa

The brand Louise de Testa distinguishes itself from other brands for its specific French know-how. All the collections are conceived and produced in France.

Who are you?

My name is Louise de Testa. I grew up in Paris and studied at the Atelier Chardon Savard from which I graduated in 2008. After enriching experiences at design houses such as Vivienne Westwood in London, Alexander Wang in New York, and Vogue magazine, I returned to Paris in 2010, where I decided in 2011 to launch my own fantastic entrepreneurial adventure as a designer.

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Why did you choose to work in fashion?

It's a means of communication that specifically speaks to me. It's a natural language and it's a joy to work with codes of creation that both already exist and from which you can generate something new.

Can you describe your creative universe to us?

It's a rational universe, where the form of the garment is defined by its function. It is a keynote: effective and elegant.

What are your sources of inspiration?

My main source of inspiration is satisfying clothing needs that I encounter during each different season or at different kinds of events: for instance, buying a bicycle and wanting to wear a vest adapted to exercise that is also elegant with reflective safety features.

What is your process for making your pieces?

The entire production process is carried out in France, more precisely in Paris. It stays in the workshops and it is a pleasure to be able to work that way: proximity, reactivity, quality!

Can you describe to us in a few words how you feel about your collaboration with MonDéfilé?

I find the tropical theme immediately pleasing! I am going to Bali in a few weeks and I imagined all of the fresh lines, elegant and comfortable, the must have pieces for this summer.

If you could be a garment or an accessory what would it be?

The Ariane dress from my collection Icare. A simple fabric rectangle in beautiful viscose, smooth and cool to touch, the size of which can be adjusted five different ways with the belt. To be worn without moderation at any age!

"Louise de Testa places eco-design at the centre of her brand's philosophy to offer us entirely French-made pieces."

Golden Palm Award


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