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Anne-Laure Gautier Anne-Laure Gautier Anne-Laure Gautier

Anne-Laure Gautier

She shakes up classic ideas, working with materials and using them in strange and foreign contexts - the perfect balance between simplicity, refinement, and femininity.

Who are you?

Anne-Laure Gautier, 30 years old, graduate from the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris. I like objects, spaces, materials, colours, people, daily life... I am originally a stage designer ; I worked for dramatisation showcases for luxury labels before setting up my own studio in 2009. After some years of stitching, I decided to launch my own jewellery label two years ago.

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Why did you choose to work in fashion?

My barbies, my dolls, my sisters, my friends all accompanied me on this path! It took me a long time to gather the confidence to launch my own label. Having been drawn to the creative arts from a young age I soon learnt that jewellery lies, for me, on a tentative border between fashion and object. And today I feel at ease expressing myself personally through this border, through the manipulation of form and of material. For me, the ambiguity of this border makes anything possible!

Can you describe your creative universe to us?

I like to associate my role as designer and my attention to detail with my taste for fashion and for material. I try to shake up classic ideas by using materials and their associations and transposing them into strange and foreign contexts in a search for the perfect balance between simplicity, refinement, and femininity. Stimulated by my observations I research combinations - the symbolic relevance, the function, and the use of a material - until something new emerges from these different ideas. 

What are your sources of inspiration?

I am inspired by people, material, humour, a photo, an artist, small daily details... All that surrounds me is a source of inspiration.

What is your process for making your pieces?

All my pieces are designed, created, tried, tested, adjusted, and manufactured in my studio in Paris. I love to spend my time coming up with an idea that I've had in my head to initiate a new project. That's when the magic happens! The tasks that I am unable to do alone I do in collaboration with French craftsmen since I choose most of my materials from France.

Can you describe to us in a few words how you feel about your collaboration with MonDéfilé?

Excited! A beautiful union! And without doubt a wonderful springboard for my brand.

If you could be a garment or an accessory what would you be?

An accessory without hesitation! But I could be a pair of shoes, an item of jewellery, a scarf, a belt, a pair of sunglasses, a purse, a bag... Accessories in general are my thing! It's that little touch that they add to an outfit...

"Anne-Laure Gautier is a designer. Her line of jewellery is fuelled by her passion for objects and materials."

Golden Palm Award


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