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Mona Sultan

We invite you to discover the digital print scarf designs of Mona Sultan.

Who are you?

My name is Mona Sultan, and I am the designer behind my own eponymous label. I studied graphics, but I have always had an interest in fashion and fabrics. I spent my childhood by my mother's side - she was a very talented seamstress.

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Why did you choose to work in fashion?

In 2012, after 8 years of graphic design, I decided to blend my two passions and launch my own line of high fashion scarves.

Can you describe your creative universe?

A graphic universe, bright and clean. I am passionate about colour while also being very minimalist. My brand reflects these two elements.

What are your sources of inspiration?

I am a very nostalgic person and I take most of my inspiration from the past, especially my own.

My travels are a key source of inspiration, my experience in different countries and with different cultures always gives me a new perspective, despite the cliché. Over time I have found inspiration in the artists Andy Warhol, Guy Bourdin, Sarah Moon, and Man Ray.

Can you tell us a little about your collaboration with MonDéfilé?

I met Sarah at the Who's Next competition. After showing interest in my designs and a brief conversation about graphic printing and design, Sarah told me very passionately about MonDéfilé.com. Not only did the concept truly excite me, but this collaboration will allow me to integrate my brand into the French fashion market.

If you could be a garment or an accessory, what would you be?

I would choose to be an accessory because I believe that they bring a general allure to any outfit.

"Scarf designer Mona Sultan artfully blends graphic skill and minimalism."

Golden Palm Award


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