The weekend essentials

Every day of the week, we all try to find an original, fashion but serious outfit we can wear to go to work. Knowing that a woman averagely spend one year of her life picking up what she’s going to wear, when comes the weekend, we have one thing in mind: wearing large clothes, a ponytail, and simply feel at ease. But pyjamas and joggings are not the only cosy clothes! Discover our weekend essentials to be both comfortable and well dressed.

Large pants

Large pants are the basis of a casual and comfortable outfit, since it’s as comfy as a legging or a jogging, but way more feminine. To go to the market on Sunday morning, for a shopping spree on Saturday or to simply stay at home, it’s perfect! The best knowns are the sarouel pants like the Olivier Battino silk sarouel pants that fit any morphology unlike one might thinks. You can wear it with a tight top like the long sleeve jersey and fishnet top by Milkaya Laijah or the leather stripes body by Bibana Paris, and feminize the whole outfit with a large necklace like the Connie stainless steel chainmail necklace by L’Or J. For those who are afraid they are going to look like a Bob Marley fan, go for large pants like the Louise de Testa large cotton pants to wear with a white top like the top with net by Louise de Testa, the loose tank top by Pierre Henry Bor or a printed tee-shirt by Godard Paris. Give a feminine touch to your silhouette with a pair of big earrings like the Tanya earrings by Velizance, the marble earrings by Argument or the Azucar hoop earrings. Finally, the jogging enthusiasts will love the pants with elasticated waist by Ause. With two colours, it’s perfect to stay fashion even on Sunday, mainly if it is worn with a black blouse like the Emy Rigeot black blouse or the silk an leather Bibana Paris blouse.


Woolen pieces

It’s THE comfy material in all its glory, especially on winter weekends. You can wear it in any form, weather it is a pullover, a coat or even a dress like the wool dress by Otinguema. Sexy, it can be worn during the day, at night, with your friends or your lover. On the weekend, it becomes the key piece of a comfy outfit, if you wear it with a pair of UGG and a woollen coat oversize wool coat by Tot. Just like any comfy outfit, do not forget to make it feminine with a clutch like the Bleecker Blues quilted leather clutch bag. But the ultimate comfy woollen piece is definitely the cardigan woolen cardigan by Otinguema or the Tessa Delpech long sleeve cardigan. Those two very strong pieces don’t even need many efforts to give an elaborate outfit, and can be worn with plain pieces. You can for example go for a total black look, and wear your large woollen cardigan with short top with transparent back by Eon and the stirrup leggings with side stripe by Elodie Oberlé.


The large scarf

Ultimate comfortable accessory, the scarf is perfect if you want to swaddle and get warm. On the weekend, you can wear it both inside and outside, to feel like in your bed wherever you are. To face the cold, choose a woollen scarf like the Chevron woolen scarf by Denovembre, to wear with a warm coat like the long cape by Karine Amzallag. If you wear it inside as a “cocooning” accessory, choose it colourful and in silk like the Francette silk scarf by Maradji or the Azimut silk scarf by Suprême Bon Ton. You can wear it with a headband (because it is well-known that women tie their hair when they get home) like the serrated headband with strass Swarovski by Cécile Boccara or the lurex bow headband by Sidonie Lemaitre, and a long sleeves top like the Meryl Suissa long sleeves top or the long sleeves top by the fashion blogger The Black Feather.


The sweat

Never matched in the category of the both comfy and aesthetic pieces, the sweatshirt can quickly become your Sunday uniform. Light and warm, it goes with a tight skirt like the Pierre Henry Bor graphical skirt, a falred skirt like the Louise de Testa flared skirt, shorts like the high-waisted shorts by Studio Baqué Molinié or simply pants like the leather and cotton Emy Rigeot pants. According to its material, its color and its patterns, the sweatshirt can give a regressive, sportswear or even chic look, and stay comfortable in any case. Our favourites: the two-fabric sweatshirt by Ause, the two colour sweat shirt by the fashion blogger Fringe & Frange, the sweatshirt in crepe with sequins prints by Tot, the Studio Baqué Molinié hoodie, or the printed sweatshirt like the Louise de Testa sweatshirt or the Godard Paris sweatshirt.

Are you big fans of the comfortable weekend outfit as well? What do you wear to be both at ease and stylish? If you want more advice on the fashion trends of the year, follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest!

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