What to wear on Valentine’s Day?

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! If don’t know yet what you are going to wear on the D-day, it is time to start thinking about it! Finding something to wear to go out with your man on Valentine’s Day can be a real headache. Whether you are going on a first date or the tenth, here are a few outfit ideas, to wear on the most romantic day of the year.



If we don’t really dare wearing it in the everyday life, flamboyant red is the colour you have to wear on Valentine’s Day. Colour of love, it represents passion, which is the key word on February 14. To be glamorous, bet on a red piece of clothing like the Emy Rigeot leather sleeveless top, to wear with tight pants, a pair of stilettos and a black clutch like theCatherine Gaillard quilted leather clutch. For those who only like red in small touches, go for some red jewellery. You will love the Confetti solid silver ring by Nanananaa or the Anne-Laure Gautier Sunrise earrings to wear with a little black dress like the Pierre Henry Bor graphical short dress. But the best of the best is the red dress, the ultimate feminine piece, especially a cigarette dress like theMilkaya Laijah cotton short pencil dress, to wear with a short vest like the Elodie Oberlé short suit jacket or the zipped jacket by Les Roussoeurs.


A dress

For those who think a red dress is too flashy, the dress still is a safe bet on Valentine’s Day, whatever the colour. For a sophisticated look, you can wear a silk dress like the mid-length silk dress by Nadia B to wear with a chic hairstyle like the serrated headband strass Swaroski by Cécile Boccara. For a casual outfit, you will prefer thegraphical short dress by Karine Amzallag with a pair of coloured boots and a long coat like the Elodie Oberlé long wool coat. For the ones with no Valentine who will spend the night with some friends, it is a good occasion to go out in a sexy dress, like theshort tulip dress by Lylee Blu. You can wear it with a solid silver necklace from the new Velizance collection and a leather jacket like the Bibana Paris perfecto.



Another key piece of the romantic outfit is the ruffled piece. In a plain colour and noble material, it is feminine but stays sober and elegant. We love ruffled tops like theOtinguema ruffled top, that can be worn with a tube skirt like the Lylee Blu midi cigarette skirt and a blue clutch matching the detail on the top, like the leather clutch by Ause. For a relaxed outfit, set your sights on the silk flouncy blouse by Lylee Blu that you can wear with wedges boots and flare pants or the high waisted shorts by the blogger Fringe & Frange. If you think a woman has to wear a dress on Valentine’s Day, you can definitely go for a tulip dress like the Milkaya Laijah tulip dress worn with a cuff bracelet like a Maxi Billy cuff bracelet by Monsieur Simone or the Manhattan smooth bracelet by Isabelle Michel.



But the must for a Valentine’s Day night out is to go backless. It is possible to be fancy wearing a backless piece of clothing, for example with the halter-top playsuit by Tessa Delpech. You can wear it with golden jewels like the Mava Haze cuff bracelet with semi-precious stones, a Celian golden ring by Velizance and a pair of solid silver earrings by Agnès de Verneuil. For a casual Valentine’s Day, slip in a backless toplike the halter sleeveless top by Fringe & Frange that you can wear with leather shorts by Armance Rotceig and a thin watch like the Insouciente watch by Les Partisanes. For a chic outfit, more adapted to a night at the restaurant or the opera, go for a mid-length Esperluette silk dress. Very elegant, it doesn’t need any accessories except a pair of black stilettos and the Argument triple ring. Everyone will go “wow”!

Did those looks give you any idea? How are you going to get dressed on February 14? If you want more advice on the fashion trends of the year, follow us onFacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest!

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