The street-wear look

For a long time, the street-wear look has been associated to men, and especially guys from the suburbs. But that look is getting more and more feminine, and is even one of the strongest trends of the fall season. But what is the street-wear look exactly? Originally influenced by skateboarders from the seventies, street-wear is now inspired by hip-hop music and rappers’ outfits. The street-wear dressing is indeed composed of XXL pieces, sneakers, bandanas or printed t-shirts. Here are our favourite pieces to follow the trend…


The sweatshirt

The sweatshirt came back in force into our wardrobes two years ago. It is warm, comfy, and goes with way more pieces than you would think of. There’s been patterned sweatshirts, regressive, message ones, vintage ones, etc. This fall, the sweatshirt has no limit! You can wear it in any shape, any size, any colour… and wear feminine clothes together with it. For example, you can wear the Louise de Testa printed sweatshirt (buy it one size bigger for a XXL effect), with VV’s black leather shorts, silver half-hoop earrings by Vélizance and a black clutch just like the quilted leather clutch bag by Bleecker Blues.


Jersey clothes

For those who think the sweatshirt is definitely too manly, there is a good alternative for a street-style outfit: a jersey top or dress. Just as comfy as a sweatshirt, those pieces are classier and can even create an evening or a dating outfit. For a day at work, just wear very slim trousers with a pair of sneakers and a Studio Baqué Molinié jersey top with pearls, a three colours jersey top by Tot, or Eon’s sleeveless fishnet top. In the evening, switch your top with a dress. Our favourite one is the short-sleeve jumper dress by Eon, to wear with a Bibana Paris biker jacket and the “Madame” silver ring by Monsieur Simone.


The bomber jacket

The bomber jacket was originally a summer piece, but the fashion addicts loved it so much that it is still out there this winter. Warm and puffing on the sleeves, it was inspired by the American airline pilots’ uniforms. Worn by a woman, it can look very masculine, so you might want to woman it up. For example, you can wear Adenorah’s bicolored bomber jacket, on a black silk blouse by Armance Rotceig and Bibana Paris’ short padded leather skirt, with a Velizance silver necklace.


The printed t-shirt

Just like the sweatshirt, the printed t-shirt has been back in our lives for a few years, and is now a must-have. Whether it is decorated with a message, a drawing, a word or a picture, it has to be in every woman’s wardrobe. Like any basic, it can be worn as a daily piece or with a classier outfit; anyway, it will give a street-wear touch to anyone who likes simple outfits at any occasion. For a night out, you can wear the Angéline Dangelser “Bionda Propaganda” knotted tank top, with a black leather and cotton pants by Emy Rigeot and a Milkaya Laijah grey blazer. For a more casual look, you will prefer a “Virgin in the sky” printed t-shirt by Godard Paris, with high-waisted shorts by Studio Baqué Molinié and pink Darris backpack.

So, who has already adopted the street-wear look? If you want more advice on the fashion trends of the year, follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest.

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