Spring summer 2016 trend: neon colours

It took some time for neon colours to be adopted by the female dressing, but they are now some of the colours you have to wear when sunny days come. Neon colours bring life, sun and style to any outfit. If the total neon look might be too much, we do not hesitate to wear it sparingly, on some key pieces, or on all our accessories.

Neon yellow

Neon yellow needs to be handled with care if you don’t want to look like a yellow safety vest. You can wear it in small touches, and soften it with white clothes or grey clothes. The perfect piece to adopt neon yellow is the two colours neon yellow and white dress by Louise de Testa, to wear with a plain simple jacket like the jacket with leather sleeves by Wanted Gina or the white wool perfecto by Olivier Battino. But we also like neon yellow jewellery! We absolutely love the neon yellow Punk mini earrings by Couleur Punk à L’eau, that perfectly go with the high waisted grey shorts by Studio Baqué Molinié, and the printed tee-shirt by Milkwood. A sober and chic outfit that can also go with a neon yellow bracelet like the neon yellow Punk large bracelet by Couleur Punk à L’eau or the neon yellow Punk plexiglas cuff bracelet by Couleur Punk à L’eau.


Neon orange

No colour illuminates any complexion more than neon orange. Anyone looks good and rested in it. Lightning, it can be worn on jewellery, on a purse or on bigger pieces. For example, we love neon orange dresses like the neon orange one shoulder shift draped dress by Olivier Battino. When wearing neon colours, we avoid the total neon look, and wear it with neutral pieces like golden jewellery and a black jacket like the short tailor jacket by Elodie Oberlé. Neon orange also goes very well with grey, like on the short-sleeved three-color wool top by Tot, to wear with grey pants like the grey wool pants by Tot. Those who prefer the discretion of jewellery will love the neon orange Insouciante watch by Les Partisanes. You can wear it at work with a silk shirt and a designer fitted jacket or on the weekend with a comfy designer sweater.


Neon green

What we love about neon green is that it defines several different colours: emerald green, sea green, fluorescent green, etc. But all those green have one common point, they flash. Full of energy, neon green gives a summery tone to any outfit. With a white top like the Pierre Henry Bor white lose tanktop and a black leather perfecto like the perfecto in coated cotton and leather by Emy Rigeot, we’ll wear the sea green short ruffled skirt by Les Roussoeurs. A perfect outfit for spring! For a special occasion, for example if you are invited to a wedding, you would rather go for a neon green dress like the draped short dress by Olivier Battino. As it cannot go unnoticed, it should be worn with chic and discrete jewellery: small earrings by Agnès de Verneuil or the Noah ring by Monsieur Simone. For those who like neon green on jewellery, you will love one of our favourites of the season: the Couleur Punk à L’eau jewellery collection. We especially love the sea green Punk open jewel neckline Couleur Punk à L’eau, to wear with a casual outfit like the two-color leather and cotton pants by Emy Rigeot and a designer jacket like the long sleeves blouse by Emy Rigeot.


Neon blue

Bright and inescapable, neon blue is the only neon colour we would dare wearing in total look. Chic and feminine, it gives allure to an everyday look or a classier look. For a casual outfit, we go for a neon blue jacket like the neon blue and silver bomber by Adenorah. To break out the masculine cut of the bomber, we like to wear it with a silk top like the black lace tanktop by Meryl Suissa, and a short skirt like the short black leather skirt by Armance Rotceig that you can also wear in blue if you are okay with the total neon blue look. This total look can even be punctuated with some neon blue jewellery like the neon blue Punk open earrings by Couleur Punk à L’eau which are our biggest crush from the neon plexiglas jewellery collection by Couleur Punk à L’eau.


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