Summer SALES on MonDéfilé

It is one of our favourite moments of the year: the summer Sales have started! From June 22 to August 02, a large selection of designer pieces is at a reduced price on MonDéfilé.com. With discounts going from 10% to 50% off, we worked on a selection for you that will help you get dressed this summer!

Our pieces with 50% discount

One of the main accessories of the women wardrobe is the handbag. And as a quality bag is most of the time quite expensive, we made a selection of designer bags at 50% off. The Tammy & Benjamin handbags are all on sale, like the bowling leather bag Patient that you can buy in each colour, for each different occasion: the yellow bag for a day at the beach, the green bag for a pic-nic in a park, the blue bag for a day at work and the multicoloured bag for a week-end in the countryside. We also thought about those who prefer small bags, with a 50% off selection of Kaleido bags, like the Mina bag and the Yoru bag.


Our pieces with 40% discount

Those summer sales are also a good occasion to fill our wardrobe with light jackets for summer nights. We prepared a selection of jackets at 40% off. There is the blazer by Louie that will go perfectly with a white dress; it also exists in yellow, coral, green or blue. For the colourful jackets aficionados, you can also fall for the ruffled jacket by Les Roussoeurs, existing in blue, green, pink and orange. For a night out, you will prefer a neutral jacket like the short tailor jacket by Elodie Oberlé, in grey or in black.


Our pieces with 30% discount

Admit it: what you like the most during Sales is buying clothes. Good news: we are proposing a large selection of designer clothes at 30% off! Sales are a good time to fall for a jumpsuit like the Meryl Suissa crepe jumpsuit, perfect for hot summer days. For the festival season, we totally fall for shorts like the shorts by the fashion blogger Adenorah, or the high-waisted shorts by the fashion blogger Fringe & Frange. But our favourite pieces of the season are skirts and dresses like:


Our pieces with 20% discount

As a pretty outfit is always punctuated by a nice piece of jewellery, so you can fall for a piece from our selection of jewellery at 20% off. For example, we go for the jewellery collection by Camille Roussel, the whole Nanananaa jewellery collection, the Lies wooden necklace by Salomé Charly, or the n°532 engraved porcelain and gold plated necklace by Pièces Unique.


What piece(s) did you fall for? Discover more designer pieces on sale on MonDéfilé.com. If you want find out what our favourite summer trends are, follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest!


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