Paris, we love you

City of love, city of light, but most of all city of fashion, Paris was the inspiration of our latest vote on MonDéfilé. Just like the city that inspired the theme, this vote is all about class and elegance. So discover our vote “Paris, we love you”, and all our young designers’ exclusive pieces that you can vote for starting now!


The vote

If you just discovered MonDéfilé, you might not be familiar with our principle of voting. Every two months, we make a shortlist of fashion designers who create for MonDéfilé an exclusive piece of clothing, jewellery or an accessory according to a specific theme (here, Paris). Then the choice is yours: you vote for your favourite pieces. One an item gets 200 votes, the designer is elected and its creation is put on sale on MonDéfilé. This election ensures for the designer to have at least one collection put on sale on our online store. Plus, anyone who voted gets 20% off the pieces they voted for… That is a good deal, right?


Discover the designers

For that vote, five young designers imagined one piece each, inspired by their love for the city of Paris. First, there is the Maison Kramer black jacquard halter dress and the silk headband with Swarovski crystals by Rosellity, both inspired by the Parisian parties that are known for lasting all night long. It is the perfect combo for special occasions! As the cold is seriously starting to get there, you’ll be glad to discover the House of Turban bird cotton turban, created for winters in Paris. The only piece of jewellery for that vote is the Solid silver leather triple ring by Cécile de Bésombes, soft, discrete and elegant, just like Parisian men’s romanticism that strongly inspired her. The last piece we are proposing refers to the old Paris, its paved roads, and its vintage and famous metro sign; it is the very classy cotton shirt by Philippe Périssé. So, which one is your favourite?


The Parisian look

Inspired by the city of fashion, the “Paris, we love you” pieces are perfect to create a Parisian outfit. If you know what to wear them with, your outfit could make fashion icons like Ines de la Fressange or Charlotte Gainsbourg very jealous.  The Maison Kramer black jacquard halter dress is the perfect parisian little black dress, that you can simply wear with a pair of stilettos and a clutch like the Bleecker Blues quilted leather clutch. As for the silk headband with Swarovski crystals by Rosellity, it is perfect to feminize a woman jacket like the Pierre Henry Bor blazer jacket that you wear with skinny jeans. The House of Turban bird cotton turban needs to be worn with a « lose » outfit. For example, you can wear it with the Wanted Gina jean shirt with quilted leather collar and a long ruffled silk skirt by Milkaya Laijag. The elegance of the Solid silver leather triple ring by Cécile de Bésombes goes very well with a trench, typical Parisian coat, like the Olivier Battino wool and leather trench coat. You can even wear that with the cotton shirt by Philippe Périssé, and a mini skirt like Emy Rigeot’s graphic skirt. Now that’s a real Parisian outfit!

You got it; our latest vote truly is an ode to the city of Paris and the typical Parisian look. If you liked those pieces, then we’re waiting for you on MonDéfilé to vote for your favourite pieces! If you want more advice on the fashion trends of the year, follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest !

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