Waiting for Fashion Week…

The fall winter 2016/2017 ready-to-wear Fashion Week is starting today, and will stop by Paris from March 1 to 9. But while we are waiting to know what we will be wearing next winter, let’s focus on our favourite trends of the current season, and discover what you have to wear before summer arrives.


Pastel colours

We love pastel colours: they colour our winter, they light up that cold season, and they modernize our appearance. Just like any original shade, you only wear one pastel colour at a time (if you don’t want to look like a meringue), and on one strong and visible piece. With a black or white top, you will wear for example pastel pants (like the large cotton pants by Louise de Testa) or a pastel skirt (like the short ruffled skirt by Les Roussoeurs). To break off a total black look, go for a pastel coat or a pastel jacket like the cotton blazer by Louie or the kimono jacket by Louise de Testa. On the other hand, you can also break off the serious look of a black or grey jacketthanks to a few touches of pastel. You can for example wear the crepe high waisted jumpsuit by Karine Amzallag with the Azucar golden ring porcelain triangle and the quilted leather biker jacket by Bibana Paris.



It is a trend that’s been on the spring/summer podiums for a long time. This year, you also wear it in the winter. Very bouncy, frills have to be worn in a sober colour (because the ballerina look fits little girls better) and with simple pieces like black pants or a white shirt. We advise wearing only one frill, but you can definitely wear it on any piece of clothing. We love it on the shoulders like on the short ruffle dress by Armance Rotceig or thesilk flouncy blouse by Lylee Blu. It is also very elegant worn on the collar like the silk jabot flounced shirt by Karine Amzallag or at the bottom of a top like the short sleeve ruffled top by Otinguema or the crepe sleeveless ruffled top by Milkaya Laijah. But our favourite frills are the ones at the bottom of a skirt or a dress that we wear with a pair of boots during the day and a pair of stilettos at night: short ruffle dress by Milkaya Laijah, the ruffle jean dress by Angéline Dangelser, the short ruffle dress by Louise de Testa, or the Elodie Oberlé short ruffle dress.



Nope, sequins are not only for Christmas! During the whole season, we wear sequins in small touches, because they give an offbeat touch to any outfit, but stay classy and feminine. So you can wear sequins on clothes and accessories, as long as it is shiny. Discrete women will certainly prefer wearing sequins in small touches: the velvet and sequins top by Lord SM or the sleeveless fishnet and sequins vest by Emy Rigeot, to wear with black tight pants like the Elodie Oberlé pants. For those who like sequins in accessories, go for a piece of jewellery or a watch, like the Insouciente golden watch by Les Partisanes. If you are a glitter addict, you will love wearing them on a sweater or a dress from the sequins collection by Tot: the sober crepe and sequins sweater black dress, the enlightening crepe and sequins orange sweater top, or the simple « Pistolet » sequins top.



The belt is on all the pieces of our wardrobe this winter, and we love it because it structures our outfits. This is why we like it on any piece of clothing: coats, dresses, tops, skirts or high-waist shorts, etc. On a top, we like it when the buckle is not obvious (because it makes the tummy look heavier) and this is why we totally like the silk top by Joséphine Bono or the sleeveless top by Les Roussoeurs. We also love it tightened around a loose dress, making the waist look slimmer, like with the silk and leather dress by 7Robes or the shirt dress by Louie. The belt is also very elegant on a tulip dress, because it highlights the breasts and hides the bottom of the body. That shapes fits any morphology, like the mid-length jean dress by Angéline Dangelser, the shirt cotton dress by Les Roussoeurs and the mid-length graphical dress by Otinguema.

What are your favourite trends of the season? To discover more winter trends, go toMonDéfilé. If you want more advice on the fashion trends of the year, follow us onFacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest!

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