Outfits ideas for extremely cold days

After a scorching summer, and an autumn that looked a lot like an Indian summer, winter has arrived. Temperatures have dangerously dropped, but we aren’t used to it anymore! We took our coats, scarves and hats out of the closet, but it is not enough. With the temperature hovering at close to zero in the morning, we really want to get dressed with five layers of clothes, two scarves and a pair of mittens. But to go to work without looking like the Bibendum, here are a few outfits ideas for extremely cold days.


Keep ears warm

In the winter, wind, rain and snow make it very important to cover your ears if you do not want to shiver with cold. If for a long time the only accessory to keep our ears warm was the beanie, there are today many fashionable headgears: the hat, the turban, and our little favourite, the classic headband. Halfway between the earmuff and the beanie, it is aesthetic (unlike earmuffs) and gives you the possibility to tie your hair in a bun or a ponytail while keeping your ears warm (unlike the beanie). Whether it is braided, smooth, colourful, black, grey, woolly or in lurex like the lurex bow headband by Sidonie Lemaitre, the winter headband is a must have of the season. To be warm from tips of ears to the tiptoes, wear your headband with a wool dress like the three colours wool dress by Tot that you can wear with a pair of thigh-high boots or wedge black boots. Then protect yourself from wind with a long coat like the Elodie Oberlé long woollen coator the Emy Rigeot leather and wool long coat.


The large scarf

Covering up your neck when it is that cold is common sense more than fashion. But instead of a thick cotton scarf, we prefer large silk or wool scarves, less cumbersome, more feminine and just as warm. We fall for example for the winter scarves by the designer Denovembre and more specifically for the Chevron wool scarf or the checked silk scarf, two extremely trendy patterns this season. To bring our femininity to light, we wear that scarf with a jumpsuit, a clutch and a pair of stilettos. We especially fall for thecrepe jumpsuit with long sleeve by Elodie Oberlé, the sleeveless jumper by Emy Rigeot, but also for the Catherine Gaillard quilted leather clutch bag or aKaleido clutch. What a glamourous outfit!


Fake fur

In people’s mind, the fur or fake fur coat is associated to sophisticated and feminine women. This winter, we especially love the black fake fur coat like the Tessa Delpech short faux fur coat. Unlike what one might thinks, it is easy to wear if you associate it to a chic working girl outfit. So to wear the faux fur coat with style, wear it with a white or colourful shirt like the Armance Rotceig silk bitonal blouse or the silk long-sleeve top and removable scarf by Olivier Battino. You can wear that shirt with a tube skirt, like the knee-length pencil skirt by Angéline Dangelser or the Milkaya Laijah wool–blend and leather pencil skirt. This outfit can be worn with a pair of black stilettos for a day of work, or a pair of cut boots for a night out at the restaurant with some friends.



Accumulate layers of clothes is one of the best ways to stay warm in winter. But be careful not to wear too many clothes or you will look like a quarter back! The perfect superposition is: a long sleeved t-shirt, a shirt, a sweat and a coat. You can for example wear a fleece and leather sweatshirt by the fashion blogger Adenorah’s on atransparent long shirt by Emy Rigeot, with a long coat like fashion blogger Slanelle’s wood-blend long coat. As bottoms, avoid wearing pants and go for shorts like Pierre Henry Bor’s high waisted shortsVV’s leather shorts or high waisted shorts by the fashion blogger Fringe & Frange. A daring casual outfit that will keep you warm all winter!


What are your favourite looks to have a trendy warm winter? If you want more advice on the fashion trends of the year, follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest!

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