Is it spring yet?

We are right in the middle of that unpleasant period when it’s freezing cold in the morning and quite warm in the afternoon, and when a day can be stormy, rainy and sunny at the same time. It’s neither winter nor spring, and getting dressed properly in the morning is a real headache. What to wear while waiting for warmer days? What clothes will help us make spring come faster?


This year, we love accessorizing our head: beanies for winter, caps for summer, floppy hats for autumn… And right now, we love any headwear that can keep our head and ears warm. Our favourite one is the turban, like the Bird cotton turban by House of Turban, which is part of the MonDéfilé vote « Paris, we love you ». Practical and wearable for any occasion, a turban gives style to any outfit, and should be one of the most fashionable accessories of 2016. It can be worn with a casual outfit (silk sarouel pants by Olivier Battino and a jacket like the Pierre Henry Bor blazer jacket) or with a cocktail outfit like the Milkaya Laijah asymetrical jumpsuit. To go with a dress, we will fall for a headband like the Sidonie Lemaitre bow headband or the silk headband Swarovski crystals by Rosellity, which is one of the pieces of the MonDéfilé vote « Paris, we love you ». You can wear a headband for work with the Milkaya Laijah tulip dress with long sleeves, for a night out with the black short tulip dress by Lylee Blu or for a comfy day with the long-sleeved dress with sequins print by Tot.



Starting now, we can put our fake fur coats back in the closet. But that doesn’t mean we have to stop wearing coats! For rainy days (that have been way too numerous lately), we protect ourselves with the hooded parka by Tenue de saison, to wear with a jacket as an extra layer in case it’s really cold, like the satin bomber jacket by Karine Amzallag. For windy days, we’ll go for the hooded windbreaker by Louise de Testa, to wear with a thick sweater or vest like the fleece and leather sweatshirt by the french fashion blogger Adenorah. For a chic silhouette, we love very long coats like the long coat by Karine Amzallag, to wear with a long skirt like the Luc Darribère pleated long skirt or a long dress like the veil crepe long dress by Pierre-Henry Bor. And finally, to slowly get rid of our winter coats, we start wearing again our leather or wool jackets like the Bibana Paris quilted leather biker jacket or the jacket with removable sleeves by Emy Rigeot to cover with a wool poncho or a cape like the Karine Amzallag long cape coat or the short leather cape by Angéline Dangelser.



The dress is the best piece of clothing to wear while waiting for spring. It helps us getting prepared for warmer days and can be worn with anything. You can wear it when it’s cold with wool tights and a long cardigan like the wool cardigan by Tessa Delpech, when it’s sunny with flesh-coloured tights and a light jacket like the tailored short jacket by Elodie Oberlé, but also when it’s rainy with rain boots and a trench like the leather and cotton trench by Olivier Battino. For this purpose, our favourite dresses of the moment are the denim ruffled midi dress by Angéline Dangelser, the silk short dress by Karine Amzallag, the midi silk dress by Nadia B, the shirt dress by Louis de Testa, or the silk asymetrical shirt dress by Studio Baqué Molinié.



We progressively put our chunky knit scarves back in the closet, but we stay covered and warm by wrapping ourselves up in big silk, wool or cotton scarves. The advantage of scarves: they go with any style. The shaded colour scarf by Mona Sultan will be casual if you wear it with a casual outfit like boyfriend jeans, a printed top like the Milkwood printed top, and a jacket like the coated cotton bomber jacket by Icône pourpre. Those who like unconventional scarves will prefer the Suprême Bon Ton scarves or the Maradji Francette scarf. But a scarf can also go with a fancy outfit, like a jumpsuit or an evening dress and a waisted jacket that you can wear with the Marble silk scarf by Denovembre or the Chevron woolen scarf by Denovembre, tied around the neck or worn on the shoulders like a poncho.

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