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MonDéfilé’s concept is quite simple: you choose the designers you want to see on sale on our e-shop. Every two months, we introduce to you a selection of new designers, and ask you to vote for your favourite ones. Once a designer reaches 200 votes, his/her piece goes to production and is on sale on the website. In addition, anyone who voted for one of the elected pieces can get a 20% discount when they order it.

For our new vote session called “Gentle who?”, we gave our new designers a theme inspired by the men’s wardrobe, and more precisely by the masculine-feminine trend. Between oversize clothes, white or jean shirts, sweatshirts, teddies or boyfriend jeans, we absolutely love wearing our boyfriend’s clothes with a female touch to sexy them up. So here is our idea of the masculine-feminine trend, through the 6 pieces of our new vote “Gentle who?”.

The bomber

Already elected (it reached the 200 necessary votes within a few days), the bicoloured wool bomber jacket by RAV is a must have piece. Created by two designers, Anne-Sophie and Aliseta, the brand RAV is based on masculine shapes, and mainly inspired by the bad boy style. The bomber is so dynamic it doesn’t even need much more effort to create a feminine and trendy silhouette. For an elegant masculine-feminine outfit, you can wear RAV’s bomber with a white shirt, sunglasses and a hat, or very tight trousers, a clutch and a pair of wedge shoe boots.




The printed tee shirt

After collaborating with the Parisian concept store Citadium, the illustration workshop Milkwood imagined a women’s printed tee shirt for MonDéfilé inspired by three very masculine sources: tattoos, the Beat generation and urban culture in general. As the main piece of any wardrobe according to Léo and Fabien (Milkwood’s founders), the tee shirt is a simple but unique garment in the message it carries. As it can be the basis of thousands of outfits in order to feminize a masculine outfit, the printed tee shirt can be worn with a fitted jacket, tight jeans and a colourful purse.




The gold ring

We know a golden ring isn’t a typical man’s accessory. But what could be better to feminize a masculine outfit than a beautiful piece of jewellery like the stones and pink gold ring by Pérouse? Nothing! Elegant and ageless, that ring made with precious stones was inspired by ancient jewels. Very feminine, it will enhance any masculine outfit like large pants, dungarees or a suit.







The scarf

Very inspired by art, the butterfly modal and cashmere scarf by Sasha Berry is adorned by cold and masculine colours: black, dark blue and dark purple. Softened by touches of red and light blue, this scarf can feminize any masculine outfit, like a combo large pants/leather perfecto/flat boots.







The bangle bracelets

Just like the ring we previously told you about, Bijoux de famille’s Dogtooth check bangle bracelets is perfect to enhance a masculine outfit. With a brand name that was obviously inspired by men (Bijoux de famille means family jewels in French), the designer Julie created a shifted, colourful, full of humour and not to be taken seriously universe. It is in that universe that the designer created that big bracelet, ideal to feminize a large wool jumper and a pair of winter boots.





The sweatshirt

Just like any cotton sweatshirt, the women’s printed sweatshirt by the ready-to-wear brand Gyunel is the masculine piece in all its glory. Large and comfy, it doesn’t necessary highlight the chest and the bust. But still, with the right women clothes, it can be extremely sexy: you can for example wear it with a pair of ballerina pumps or high heels and girly purse and eventually a colourful collar necklace.






Inspired by the masculine-feminine trend, the “Gentle who?” vote is currently online on MonDéfilé. You fell in love with one of the pieces we just showed you? Then do not wait anymore and go on our website to vote for your favourite ones!


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