Interview with Abbie, International Communications Officer at MonDéfilé

We continue our interviews with the MonDéfilé team this week. After Roxane, we spoke to Abbie, the International Communications officer at MonDéfilé.

Can you introduce yourself to us ?

I am responsible for international communications at MonDéfilé. I graduated from Cambridge University with a BAHons in English Literature and I worked as a fashion journalist and copywriter for magazines and blogs in England before coming to Paris.

How did you come to know MonDéfilé.com ?

I came to know MonDéfilé through working for an English company called Style-Card who have a similar concept and ideology.

What do you most appreciate about the MonDéfilé.com concept ?

MonDéfilé gives visibility to young designers. It’s a truly inspiring idea and I think that this creates a true interaction between the creator and the consumer.

What are your missions in the communications department ?

My missions at MonDéfilé are very varied and they change from day to day. I am always in discussions with American and English bloggers. These collaborations have already been put in place with French bloggers and I want to establish similar relationships with English-speaking platforms. I also prepare the materials for MonDéfilé’s English-language blog. Finally, I communicate with the international press to organise interivews and features on MonDéfilé to be published either online or in print for publicity purposes.

What are you most proud of achieving so far ?

A magazine called PHOENIX was the first international publication to write about MonDéfilé and it happens to be one of my favourite English fashion magazines so I was very excited to make that partnership. I am also excited to start seeing some more bloggers wearing MonDéfilé pieces.

Is it difficult to find bloggers for partnerships ?

It’s difficult to find qualitative partnerships because the fashion industry is extremely saturated. There are lots of bloggers who wear high-end designer clothing or write about how to put together a wardrobe on a budget but I’m specifically looking for bloggers with a passion for emerging designers and new fashion talent.

What do you hope to put in place next ?

I hope that MonDéfilé will continue to develop internationally to the same level it has achieved in France. At the moment our client base is predominantly French or in French-speaking countries. I hope to see the English-speaking community grow so that we can begin to launch projects such as a newletter and other promotional materials in English.

Which are your favourite designers on the site ?

I love the new Vélizance and Eon collections for their minimalist and sports-luxe looks. My favourite fabric is leather so I also love the Bibana and Emy Rigeot collections.

Which piece do you recommend on the site ?

Any piece by Vélizance or Isabelle Michel. Their jewellery collections are both timeless and modern, they are perfect to add panache to simple looks.

Are you a « fashion victim » ?

No, not really. Over the years I have collected a lot of vintage clothes, but by day I prefer to dress for comfort. I am always cold and I do a lot of walking so most of the time I wear chunky knits, leather jackets, and a good pair of trainers.

What do you think of Paris ?

I appreciate the Parisian way of life and I have done since I first came to Paris thanks to my University. I wrote my dissertation on the literature of Montparnasse between the two World Wars. I stayed in the South during that period, and now I live in the north. I love the diversity – each district is unique and there is so much to do here.

Thanks to Abbie and continue to follow us for our next interview !

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