How to optimize your logistic costs?

In the process of creating a collection, you might have to work with manufacturers abroad. You might even have to be delivered products from another country. In that case, what are the different means of transportation you can use? What’s the delivery time for each transportation means, and how much doest it cost?

Airplane delivery

Airplane delivery is the fastest type of transports. According to the products origin, delivery can take between 1 and 7 days. Another advantage of the airplane delivery is that you can get an authorization offering a simplified customs proceedure. That authorization can be asked online. However such efficiency has a cost and airplane delivery is also the most expensive transportation means if you need to be delivered products from another country.


Truck delivery

Truck delivery is also very practical, and enables an around one-week delivery. The one inconvenient is that it is not suitable for long-distance deliveries. It is usually used for close import, on the same continent for example. If you choose truck delivery, make sure that it is adapted to the delivery’s origin or destination.


Boat delivery

Boat delivery is the cheapest way of transporting products but also the longest (the delivery time can go up to 6 weeks for deliveries from Asia). However, it is very useful if you are aiming at transporting large volumes. Boat delivery is the most suitable for big orders and with the condition that you prepare it long enough before the planned delivery date.


Choosing a provider

Now that you know the pros and cons of the main delivery methods, how are you going to choose which one you’ll use?

For plane, truck and boat delivery, MonDéfilé negotiates prices with partners specialized in import and export. Our goal is to be able to propose the cheapest price for each transport.

How do we choose the partners that help us optimize your logistic costs? We compare the providers, and judge their value for money according to: their efficiency and response time, their timely delivery, and the package tracking. Other factors we take into account are the capacity to anticipate potential risks (deterioration, theft, accident, catastrophe, etc.) and the respect of the security measures (safe packaging, packages controls at every step, etc.)

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