What to wear to a wedding?

It’s almost wedding season! Whether you are the bride, a bridesmaid or a guest, do not panic if you don’t have your outfit yet: we have ideas to dress you up from the dress to the headband, the clutch and the bracelet.

The outfit of the bride

For a religious wedding, we can only advise you the traditional long white dress. But to differentiate yourself from the usual lace bloomer dresses, you should go for a long silk white dress like the crepe and silk long dress by Olivier Battino or the silk and lace long dress by the french blogger Pauline. Those beautiful dreamy dresses do not need more than one accessory or jewel to go with: the silk flower by Olivier Battino (to hook in your hair or to tie around the wrist or waist) or a ring from the princesses rings collection by Galatée Pestre. For a civil wedding, we prefer a bridal gown that is more casual but still exceptional. Which means? Which means anything but a dress, always in a total white or pastel pink colour. We love for example the crepe high waisted jumpsuit by Karine Amzallag, to wear with the silk flower crown by Cécile Boccara, or the tulle and silk midi skirt by the french blogger Pauline to wear with the lace and silk couture sweatshirt by the french blogger Pauline and a princess ring by Galatée Pestre.


The outfit of the bridesmaids

The bridesmaids’ role is really important at a wedding, and their dress has to honour that role. If the white dress is reserved to the bride, we love it when the bridesmaids wear matching bright coloured short dresses. Thus, we can totally see your bridesmaids wear the one shoulder shift draped dress by Olivier Battino, the cotton and crepe halter top ruffled dress by Les Roussoeurs, the mesh cotton tulip dress by Milkaya Laijah, the short ruffle dress by Armance Rotceig, or the short bandeau dress by T’edith. Of course, we do not forget about the accessories! To diversify the looks, every bridesmaid can wear a different piece of jewellery from the same collection, like the different pieces from the Galatée Pestre jewellery collection.


The outfit of the guests

When going to a wedding, there is one rule: only the bride can wear white. We also avoid long dresses and skirts that can remind of the bride’s train. But as long as it is an elegant outfit, it is adapted to a wedding. If you are invited to a wedding this summer, you can go for a short or mid-length dress, in a bright colour or black (yes, wearing black at a wedding is acceptable). Our favourite ones are the silk and leather wrap dress by Olivier Battino, the halter back pleated dress by Kiff by Olga, and the crepe and cotton flare skater dress by Otinguema. For those who prefer trousers, you will be the most sophisticated guest in the large cotton pants by Louise de Testa, the cigarette pants in crepe by Milkaya Laijah, or the draped carrot pants by Bibana Paris, to wear with a flowing light top like the Meryl Suissa lace tanktop or the crepe bitonal tank top by Armance Rotceig. As for the bag, nothing is fancier than a clutch, with or without strap, like the Summer clutch by Darris, the quilted leather clutch by Bleecker Blues, the printed « Yoru » clutch by Kaleido, the quilted leather clutch by Catherine Gaillard or the two color leather clutch bag by Ause.


What are you going to wear for wedding season this summer? To know all the trends of the season, go to MonDéfilé. If you want find out what our favourite summer trends are, follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest!

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