What is MonDéfilé?

Halfway between a design office and a collection development office, MonDéfilé is a free player in the fashion industry. Offering personnalized services, we can help out at any step of the collection creation process. But what do we do exactely? What services do we offer? Let’s explain everything.

MonDéfilé : halfway between design office and collection development office
A design office and a collection development office are two very different things. The design office studies tomorrow’s fashion trends in terms of shapes, colours, fabrics, etc. before creating a collection plan and sketches according to those trends. Thanks to a wide network of freelance designers, MonDéfilé offers this kind of services: fashion trend studies, creating mood boards, style propositions and product colour options.
On the other hand, the collection development office starts from the collection plan and the mood boards to create the patterns and technical files that will be needed during production. Those services are all made at our head office based in Paris. But there is so much more in our service offer…

What is MonDéfilé?
Our promise is to help fashion professionals in the production of their collection with no minimum of orders and in reliable and fast deadlines. We can intervene in any step of the collection creation process: sample making, product development, fabric and supplies sourcing, production, quality control and logistics. Our mission is to give our clients the means to produce their collection by bringing them support from start to finish.

MonDéfilé, a personnalized services offer
Unlike other collection development offices, we offer a personalized range of services: we adapt our services to our clients’ needs. For every service we offer, there is a specialist in our office, ready to meet any demand. We can help you for any step in the creation of your collection: trend research, prototyping, fabrics and supplies sourcing, production, quality control, logistics, etc.

MonDéfilé’s added value
If you are a young designer or fashion brand that would like to launch your first collection, we are here to help you with the creation process, and free you some precious time that you could use to develop your commercial and communication strategy. Why should you choose MonDéfilé? We help you throughout the whole process (from trend research to the delivery of the finished collection), we impose no minimum of order (you can ask for only one piece if you want), and we work with a wide network of professionals who work fast and well. Discover on our website the full list of the services we propose: https://www.pro.mondefile.com/

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