The colours of autumn

From one year to another, the colours of autumn stay on the same tones. From October to December, our wardrobe is filled with warm colours matching the leaves falling from the trees, and dark colours just like the sunless sky above us. In more concrete terms, what are the trending colours this fall?


Mustard yellow

Mustard yellow used to be seen as an old-school colour, associated to wallpaper from the seventies. But for two years now, the colour has come back in our dressings every autumn. Even though it is quite difficult to wear, it gives a radiant look if it is well matched. The most audacious among us can wear mustard yellow as a total look, but we mainly advise wearing it in small notes. You can for example revitalize a grey or black outfit with a Tammy & Beanjamin bowling leather bag, a Bangle Up large bracelet, an Argument semi-circle ring, and Anne-Laure Gautier earrings with ribbon and silver chain.



More than just brown, this season we will love all shades of the brown colour: beige, camel, cognac, chocolate brown, etc. All those colours that depressed us during the summer will this fall be the basis of our wardrobe. We also adore creating looks that mix all those lovely shades. For example, we can wear Studio Baqué Molinié’s long dress with pearls, with a wooden necklace by Salomé Charly and a vintage leather wallet by Mamix.



Already on the podiums last year, burgundy is on the right track to become one of the fall season’s recurring colours. This year, the trendy colour is precisely Marsala red, a sober and chic dark red. But that doesn’t mean we are getting rid of our burgundy pieces, because they are still a must-have! You can wear burgundy in any fabric (even if we have a slight preference for velvet and wool), and on any piece of garment, but avoid the total look. Burgundy needs to be worn in small notes here and there in your outfit. For example, you can “burgundize” your outfit up with Olivier Battino’s wool straight cut coat, a pink gold watch by Les Partisanes, or the leather biker jacket with fringes by the French blogger Fringe & Frange.


Navy blue

It is one of the main trends of the season: the navy officer look! We are definitely copying boat captains by filling up our closets with smocks, blazers and other officer jackets, carrot pants, golden accessories and beanies. Obviously, we are buying all of this in navy blue! For example, with a smock, we are wearing that lovely women blazer jacket and high waisted shorts by Pierre-Henry Bor set, with a Tammy & Benjamin leather clutch and a large size ring by Isabelle Michel.



Yes, grey is once again one of the colours of the season! Not only is grey a classic, but it is also associated to sweetness and calm, and can be worn with any other colour. This season, we adore wearing it with a black and mustard yellow outfit for example. Sober and elegant, we love it in a total look mixing several shades of grey. Casual and chic, grey is a colour you can wear by day and by night, on a town suit as much as on an evening dress. You get the idea; grey is THE emblematic colour of the season. You can wear it on a quilted leather shopping bag by Catherine Gaillard, with a multi-greys dress like the Eon short-sleeved jumper dress. For a more casual look, we fall for the mid length culottes by Elodie Oberlé that we wear with a necklace, like that Camille Roussel leather long necklace.

So, how do you like the colours of autumn? If you want more advice on the fashion trends of the year, follow us on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest!

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