The accumulation de bracelets: stacking

The jewellery accumulation, also called stacking, is a trend that consists in wearing multiple bracelets, multiple rings, multiple necklaces, etc. That trend appeared last summer, and was not supposed to go further than the festivals time (it gives a Woodstock effect and perfectly goes with a hat and a fringed jacket). But it kept going, went through winter, and it is still here for the second summer in a row. So what pieces of jewellery should you wear if you want to adopt the stacking trend this year?

Adopt stacking

To adopt the stacking trend without looking like a Christmas tree, there are some rules. First, you have to wear simple clothes. Accumulating jewels is nice only if you wear a sober outfit with plain pieces. For example, for a night out, you can accumulate necklaces with the Bibana Paris leather and silk short dress. To go to work, you would rather accumulate rings and wear them with the Armance Rotceig silk shirt and Olivier Battino 7/8 length trousers. A second rule when adopting the stacking trend is to limit big jewellery. Of course, you can wear one cuff or one plastron, but you should wear it with thin bracelets and necklaces. And finally, do not accumulate accumulations. What does that mean? That means do not wear all the jewellery you own at the same time. Go for either an accumulation of necklaces, or an accumulation of earrings, or an accumulation of bracelets, etc. You can eventually accumulate two kinds of jewels (necklaces and rings, bracelets and earrings…), but that’s it. But out of all the accumulations that are possible, our favourite is the accumulation of bracelets. Accumulating cuffs and bangles gives a sophisticated yet “wild” look to our outfit that makes us look like Californian women.


The monochrome stacking

We all have a preference between gold, pink gold and silver. If you have a favourite one, then do not hesitate to adopt the monochrome stacking, which means accumulating bracelets of only one tint. For those who like yellow gold for example, you will love the gold Audacieuse watch by Les Partisanes to wear with the marble gold bracelet by Azucar, the Byzance bracelet by Agnès de Verneuil, the Launi bracelet by Vélizance, a Monsieur Simone chain bracelet and the pompom semi-bangle by LA2L. If you are a silver lover, then you will love wearing the solid silver Confetti bracelet by Nanananaa with a stainless steel chain bracelet by L’Or J, the Pyramidas bracelet par Vélizance, the Manhattan smooth bracelet by Isabelle Michel, the Galatée Pestre solid silver targets bracelet, and the silver Audacieuse watch by Les Partisanes.


The colourful stacking

The monochrome stacking is perfect for a fancy or serious outfit. But for a lighter, minor outfit (for a concert or an aperitif between friends for example), we do not hesitate to accumulate colourful bracelets, to create a colourful cuff. A colourful stacking can be composed of the neon orange Insousciente watch by Les Partisanes or the print Audacieuse watch by Les Partisanes with the Azucar white pearls bracelet, a Max bracelet by Monsieur Simone, a Confetti bracelet by Nanananaa, and a large Couleur Punk à l’Eau bracelet.


Mixing the tints

Last year, we would have never mixed the tints of our bracelets. This year, it is all we want to do. We do not hesitate to mix silver, gold, pink gold, white gold, etc. With a pink gold Audacieuse watch by Les Partisanes or a pink gold and jeans Audacieuse watch by Les Partisanes, we can wear an Azucar Laurel golden bracelet, a solid silver Pyramis bracelet by Vélizance, a pink gold bracelet with little sun by Agnès de Verneuil, a Miss Cool bracelet by Isabelle Michel, and the semi-bangle bracelet by LA2L.


With an accumulation of rings

As we previously said, we advise against accumulating more than two kinds of jewels. And to wear with the stacking of bracelets, we only recommend the accumulation of rings. But once again, there are some rules. With a monochrome stacking of bracelets, you have to wear rings that are the same colour. If you decided to mix the tints and colours of your bracelets, then your rings can be any colour, as long as they are all the same one. The important is to wear harmonious colours in order not to look like a Christmas tree. For example, with an accumulation of silver bracelets, we will wear rings such as the turquoise Celian ring by Vélizance, an Isabelle Michel small size ring, a « Madame » ring by Monsieur Simone, a solid silver ring by Agnès de Verneuil, and a comic bubble ring by Galatée Pestre. With a stacking of colourful bracelets, we will go for an accumulation of golden rings, like the Laurel golden ring by Azucar, a « Monsieur » ring by Monsieur Simone, a Quae ring by Vélizance, the Miss Blue ring by Isabelle Michel, the Argument triple ring, and the 7 rows ring by Agnès de Verneuil.


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