Supplies tips to brighten up your collections

In the fashion industry, the challenge is to find THE detail that will make the difference against competition. Besides the quality and price of a product, customers focus on details that make a piece of clothing beautiful, original, special. Here are somme supplies examples that will brighten up the pieces of your collection.


Considered as old-fashioned for a long time, lace has been coming back in force in the wardrobes for a few seasons now. It fits well with a rock outfit or a romantic look, it can be worn by day or by night, in summer or in winter. Thin and precious, you can put lace at the end of blouse sleeves, under the rips of a pair of jeans or to cover the pockets of a jacket.



Patches and badges remind us of what our moms used to use to cover the holes we made in our pants when we were kids. Nowadays, they are true fashion accessories. They go on any piece of clothing: a patch on each knee of a pair of pants, a multitude of patches at the front of a t-shirt, a patch on each shoe, etc. Patches and badges give a funky look to any basic piece.

Photo: Grazia Magazine



It is the big trend of the season: pearls do not only go on jewellery anymore, they can also be sewed on any piece of clothing: at the bottom of a classical pair of jeans, on the pockets of a leather jacket, around a beanie, on the shoulders of a turtleneck jumper, etc. They give a chic look to all the clothes they decorate.



We are convinced that zips are chic. Considered as low-end for a long time, zips are now essential for a rock-chic allure. Whether it is meant to be used or not, a zip can be used as a fashion accessory, especially on black leather pieces like a skirt, a jacket or pants.


Ribbons are everywhere these days: they can soften any rock outfit, give a feminine touch to a man piece, and twist a classical look. You can put a ribbon at the bottom of a sweater sleeves, in the back of a little black dress, around the neck of a blouse, or along the sleeves of a shirt.

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