Should your produce your collection in France or abroad?

There are many rumours concerning the country you should produce your collection in: “Made in France is too expensive”, “Made in China is bad quality”, “production in Bangladesh is sloppy”, etc. MonDéfilé helps you sort out the truth from the lies concerning producing a collection in France and abroad.


Made in France

One thing is true: French production is expensive. For a young brand or designer, it could appear more affordable to partly (or totally) relocate the production. But there are some advantages to French production: if you work by yourself, the geographical proximity of the workshops will make it simpler for you to check on the production and follow it up. According to the quantity you are producing and the brand positioning you have, you should consider the French production.

“Made in France” is also a strong marketing argument. Promoting a French production is usually a strength as evidenced by brands such as Le slip français, Le colonel Moutarde or Arsène shoes. But if you decide to use the “Made in France” as a marketing argument, you should also value it into your selling price.


Each country has its own specialty

If a 100% French production is too expensive and/or if “Made in France” is not an argument you would like to use, you should relocate your production. Every country has its own know-how and specific fabric suppliers. For example, if you want to make silk pieces or flou type of garments, China houses some of the finest experts. For lingerie and bathing suits, Tunisia is a reference. Many countries also have know how to make knitted garments (East Europe and China). It is then your job to choose between all those specialists and choose which one will best suit your needs. MonDéfilé is also there if you need to help you choose the right country for your collection.


What does MonDéfilé do?

In the process of creating a collection, we can help you with the production of your collection and guide you in the choice of the best suited workshop. Our address book is composed of manufacturers from all around the world (France, Portugal, Spain, East Europe, Tunisia, China…). Each one of them has a specialty and we know which will be the best manufacturer according to the nature of your collection: number of pieces, sector, range level, financial means, etc.

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