Quality control: checking the quality level of the collection

Once your collection has been produced, you need to make sure the products have been made meeting the quality standards you have set. Quality control is an important step to make sure that pieces are faithful to your requirements. After quality control, you can decide to keep the products, reject them or ask for them to be adjusted.

The design brief

At the very beginning of the creation process, you need to write a design brief. It includes all the requirements each product of the collection has to meet: colours, measurements, details, fabric quality, seam, etc.

Where does the quality control take place?

Several actors in the creation process can take care of quality control. The production centre or the manufacturer can control the products before sending them. If you have a representative on the production site, they can be the ones responsible for the quality control step. However, “if you want something done, do it yourself” and we advise a quality control done by your brand production manager, or a fashion professional like MonDéfilé, directly at the factory. If some products need to be adjusted, it can be done right away on the spot. If they have already been delivered, you will have to send them back to the production centre, which will be very expensive.

What are the quality control steps?

Quality control is usually done on a 10% of the production. The person in charge compares each piece to its dedicated technical file in the design brief. The collection is delivered to the sellers only if the quality control passes. If some products are defective, we advise re-stating the control on another 10% of the production. If the quality is still not right, the products should be either adjusted or rejected.


To make sure of the efficiency of the quality control, we advise working with a professional structure such as MonDéfilé. We can help you with the whole collection creation process. This includes quality control, respecting the design brief that we can also help you write.

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