Production: what are the differences between each range level?

In the fashion world, there are four ranges levels. Those ranges are mainly determined by the price and quality of a product: low-end market, mid-range market, high-end market and luxury. Let’s compare them.


Mid-range market and low-end market

“Low end” products are usually cheap products. In the consumer’s mind, low end products are bad quality. They have a very low price, and do not need much attention during the production process. MonDéfilé doesn’t cover that type of products. Our first offer is dedicated to middle-range brands. The mid-range market is a very difficult positioning, because it is very competitive: it gathers good quality brands (not excellent but good) at an affordable price. To stand out amongst all the middle-range brands, we advise you to create a differentiating style and an attractive marketing strategy.


High-end market and luxury

High-end products have an above average quality and set their prices accordingly. High-end brands usually have a strong competitive advantage: an innovative fabric, a French production, strong quality pieces, handmade details, etc. To sum up, high-end products need to give the client a good reason to pay a high price.

Be careful not to confuse the high-end market with the luxury market. Luxury brands make impeccable products. In order to be considered as “luxurious”, a brand needs to make flawless pieces, and give to the clients an experience they couldn’t live with any other brand. A luxurious brand doesn’t sell products: it commercializes a dream, a story, and an unforgettable experience.


What range should I choose for my brand?

Each range answers specific client needs, mostly linked to the price or the quality. Your brand’s range level will result from your production technique, the quality of your products and the retail prices you think you should position them on compared to competition.


Do you want to launch your own mid-range, high-end or luxurious brand? We advise you to work with a design office like MonDéfilé. We can help you with the whole collection creation process, and guide you in order to make your collection meet your quality expectations.

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