MonDéfilé meets Amy Marietta of Viviere Bella

Can you describe yourself and your style in a few short sentences?

Hello! My name is Amy Nicole Marietta and I am an Italian/Maltese girl originally from California but I am now based in New York City. I love to travel and experience new cultures because traveling inspires my style.

I think my style is rather casual chic and functional but it is always evolving. Coming from Southern California, I have always appreciated comfortable clothes and then upon moving to New York I learned to appreciate quality and cohesiveness. I truly love European brands as well as Australian labels because of the classic cuts with a twist on them and the high quality fabrics.

When did you decide to start your fashion blog and what inspired you do so?

I decided to start my website when I moved to New York because I started interning at a PR company and I learned how the system worked on the business side of things. I thought it would open a lot of doors for me and allow me to meet and work with some awesome, creative people. The hard work definitely paid off and I have met the coolest people.

When did you arrive in New York?

Three years ago I moved to New York. I had always been scared of the idea but then I finally transferred colleges and made the big move across the country and couldn’t be happier.

What do you think of fashion in New York?

I think fashion in New York is an array of things. Generally it is bold, chic yet classic. However, during fashion week it is another story-people tend to wear pieces that appear more futuristic and editorial than wearable. It gets pretty crazy!

Have you ever been to Paris and what is your opinion on Parisian fashion?

I have been to Paris, I went last year for Paris Fashion Week which happened to be on my 21st birthday. I love Parisian fashion, it is so elegant and sexy. They truly make chic look easy.

What attracted you to the concept of MonDéfilé?

I genuinely love the fact that MonDéfilé supports young and talented designers and mentors them in a way. I think in today’s day and age many people become successful because they had the means or parents to help them get there. So I think this website gives the talented ones who may not have that advantage an equal chance to succeed and follow their dreams.

Do you have any favourite designers or pieces on the MonDéfilé website?

I love all of the designers on MonDéfilé. I think what makes the website so unique is that the designers are from all over the world so you can see the various aesthetics from the many countries.

Have you ever been interested in designing yourself?

I definitely have. My first year of college I started making jewelry and selling it but that was very short lived because I didn’t realize how much time and dedication it takes to keep up with it. You really need other people helping you when you are young and first starting a venture with no experience. Maybe I will dabble with other projects in the future, who knows!

What are your plans for the future of your blog?

I am constantly exploring new areas and working on different projects with different brands but I want to continue to grow and work with more brands and publications. I also plan on continuing to write for the magazines I contribute to now including Nylon Singapore, L’Officiel Italia and Global Grind.

Additionally, I also work as a social media manager for a couple brands so I will continue to do that as well! Definitely keeping myself busy but I love it!

Ultimately after college I see myself freelancing or working at a social media agency but we will see where this path takes me!

Thanks, Amy! Check out Amy’s blog Viviere Bella here and see how she styled Meryl Suissa’s Black Crepe Playsuit and Kaleido’s Origami Clutch here .

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