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MonDéfilé’s main goal is to promote young designers by offering them visibility and means to produce their collections in our workshops. Thus, every week, we upload a new collection on the website, created by a young designer that we like and want to highlight. Today, we are showing you our five favourite pieces amongst the latest collections uploaded on MonDéfilé.

The cuff by Camille Roussel

This season, we welcome someone new in the Camille Roussel family, the reversible leather cuff Mado. Reversible with removable parts, that one bracelet can be worn in different colours: grey and burgundy, grey and silver, burgundy and silver, etc. Thus it goes with many outfits, and makes it one of our favourite summer accessories! For example, for a wedding, you can wear it in grey and silver with a designer jumpsuit like the asymmetrical jumpsuit by Milkaya Laijah. For a night with you lover, you should wear it in burgundy and silver, with a burgundy dress like the short pencil dress by Milkaya Laijah. But it will also dress up a relaxed outfit like the usual combo t-shirt / leather perfecto.


The earrings by Galatée Pestre

Last week, we uploaded the new Galatée Pestre collection, inspired by constellations. Out hearts melted for the “Lyre” constellation earrings, because it is the kind of jewellery you notice at first glance and that goes with everything: a casual outfit, a night out outfit, a working outfit, etc. That pair of silver earrings will give a twist to any serious outfit like the 7/8 length trousers by Olivier Battino worn with the silk jabot flounced shirt by Karine Amzallag and a fitted jacket like the leather and piqué cloth jacket by Noir de Cobalt.


The knuckle ring by Agnès de Verneuil

The knuckle ring is one of the season’s must-have, and we totally love the ones from the new Agnès de Verneuil collection, like the solid silver open ring 3 pearls. The knuckle ring is the cherry on the top of a great assortment of hands jewellery. You usually don’t wear it alone, so the best is to match it with other rings and bracelets the same colour. The solid silver open knuckle ring 3 pearls can be worn with other silver rings like the solid silver triangle ring by Galatée Pestre, the mixed pearl three-band ring solid silver by Agnès de Verneuil, the phalanx small size ring Manhattan by Isabelle Michel, the “Madame” ring by Monsieur Simone and the turquoise solid silver ring by Vélizance. We do not hesitate to reinforce the accumulation effect with a silver watch like the Mesh Audacieuse watch by Les Partisanes. The same way, the golden open ring 3 pearls can be worn with golden jewels like the solid silver 7 rows ring by Agnès de Verneuil, the Duel golden ring by Isabelle Michel, the laurel golden ring by Azucar, and the Argument triple ring.


The earrings by Isabelle Michel

We love everything about the YUA earrings by Isabelle Michel: the thin gold they are made of, the asymmetry between the two earrings, the shape, etc. It is an atypical pair of earrings that we plan on wearing for every big occasion, because their classiness can turn any outfit into a very chic one. For an evening at the restaurant with friends, you can wear them with the 7/8 length pants by Olivier Battino. For a wedding, you can associate them to a colourful dress like the halter back pleated dress by Kiff by Olga. For an important meeting, they will perfectly go with the Pierre Henry Bor black blazer jacket. To sum up, you’ll be wearing those earrings every day and every night this summer!


The Summer clutch by Darris

The ultimate summer accessory is the clutch, and we got a huge crush on the Summer clutch by Darris. Whether it is the pink clutch, the yellow clutch or the electric blue clutch, every one of them was made for one key moment of summer. For a wedding, the pink Summer clutch by Darris will soften a little black dress like the short ruffle dress by Armance Rotceig. The electric blue Summer clutch by Darris is perfect for festival season, with the off-shoulders top by Lylee Blu and shorts like the high-waisted shorts by Studio Baqué Molinié. The yellow Summer clutch by Darris was made for the beach. You can put all your important stuff in it (camera, phone, wallet, etc.) and slip all of it in a beach bag like the leather and raffia tote bag by Otinguema.


What are your summer favourites to shop on the website? To know all the trends of the season, go to MonDéfilé. If you want find out what our favourite summer trends are, follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest!


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