Innovations in the fashion industry

Photo: Wair, the anti-pollution scarf


Fashion becomes out of date before coming back in force 20 years later. It is more and more obvious: fashion is a cycle, and current trends were already hits 20 years ago. This is why innovating is necessary: creating new trends, imagining what has not yet been made… MonDéfilé spotted 5 novelties to follow up closely.


The ultra absorbent fabric

Or should we say, the fabric that stays dry even after a sport session. That fabric was made by the firm Atacama using the micro fluidic technology. Micro fluidic is a technique that focuses on liquid moves in microscopic channels. Thanks to that technology, the fabric absorbs humidity (like sweat) and stays dry. We can’t wait to use it to create sportswear collections!


Connected clothes

Nowadays, every single object from our daily life has a connected version, and obviously, so does ready to wear. The list of the existing connected clothes is interminable even if, let’s be honest, some of them are not very useful. However, some others bring a precious help to whoever wears them and have a real added value compared to the competition and to non-connected clothes. Amongst our favourite ones: Sinapsi, the jacket with a heating system that can be controlled with your mobile phone, Eva, the bra that detects breast cancer, Aerochromics, the t-shirt that detects respiratory diseases in real time, or 10Eleven9, the t-shirt correcting back posture.


The anti-pollution fabric

WAIR is the anti-pollution fabric, commercialized in the form of a scarf. According to the brand, the quality of an anti-pollution mask depends on its sealing and the efficiency of the filters. Thanks to a soft silicone fabric and a reinforced structure, the WAIR scarf/mask is adapted to every shape of face and has a perfect sealing. The small plus: it exists in many colours and prints and is a real fashion accessory.


Anti-counterfeiting devices

We get a bit out of the fabric and material field but we couldn’t ignore the app that goes against the fashion world’s n°1 enemy: counterfeit. The firm Entrupy created an application that spots counterfeit products, even the best realized ones. How does it work? The firm developed a handheld camera, linked to the app, that zooms the details up to 260 times. That technique allows the app to analyze the details that can’t be seen by the naked eye: the grain, the print’s quality and precision, the logo, etc. With a precision of more than 98%, the app can now give a verdict, authenticated product, or counterfeit.

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