How to choose the fabrics for your collections

Choosing fabrics is a very important step in the collection creation process because fabrics will be a main factor in the final clients’ buying decision. How should you choose fabrics, supplies that will compose your collections? Here is some advice.


Where to find fabrics and supplies?

As we explained it in a previous article, the best suppliers can be found on professional events. You can work with a collection development office like MonDéfilé that owns over 500 fabric references available with no minimum of order.


What questions should you ask yourself?

In order to choose the fabrics that will compose your collection, you need to ask yourself the good questions. The first and main one: what type of products will these fabrics be used for? It may seem logical but we won’t be using the same fabrics according to each piece in the collection. For example, before choosing fabrics for a coat, ask yourself: is this fabric warm, waterproof, and/or absorbent? For a sweater: what fabrics will bring the best compromise between comfort, warmth and price? For a t-shirt: what are the most extensible fabrics? But also: when will the owner wear that piece of clothing? How often will it be washed? Does it have to be resistant? By elimination, you will find the ideal fabrics for each and every piece.


The season

Another factor that needs to be taken into account is the season. Logically, for the fall-winter season, you will opt for warm and covering fabrics. Fort the spring-summer season, you will prefer lighter fabrics. What fabrics are proper to each season?

  • Fall-winter materials: cotton, alpaca, denim, angora, cashmere, leather, sponge, wool, Lycra, neoprene, flannel, velvet, etc.
  • Spring-summer materials: cotton, line, crepe, lace, net, denim, gabardine, organdie, jute, organza, silk, etc.


Test your fabrics

Once you have chosen fabric samples, do not hesitate to test them. Wash them, dry them (outdoors or with a drier), iron them, etc. It will help you see how resistant they are and avoid bad surprises when you receive the full collection!

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