How to market your collection?

 Once your collection has been created and produced, one of the most important steps is to market it. Selling your collection will help your brand expand its reputation, get money to start a new collection and help your brand stay alive. Here are a few tips to efficiently market your collection.


The different distribution channels

Whether you want to sell your collections in France or internationally, it is important to choose distribution channels coinciding with your targeted audience and your sales target. Here is a quick list of the different existing distribution channels young brands generally go after:

  • Multi-brand stores,
  • Opening your own store,
  • Department stores,
  • Pop-up storeS,
  • Multi-brand online stores
  • Opening your own online store,
  • Etc.


Commercial strategy

In order to choose the right distribution channels, it is important to write a commercial strategy for your brand. It will define your business goals (marketing and sales), your target audience for each collection (the target might change from one collection to another) and the typical client for your brand (age, profession, hobbies, average expense in clothing). Those elements will help you select the distribution channels best adapted to your collection. We advise selecting a variety of distribution channels both off-line and online. Once you have done your selection of the points of sales you would like your products to be sold in, the hardest part will be to contact them and convince them to sell your collection.


Communication strategy

In parallel to your commercial strategy, you should write a communication strategy to envision the way you will promote your brand. Think about communication means that will make your brand visible to your target audience. Here are a few ideas:

  • Go to fashion events,
  • Be on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, I,stagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Create partnerships with influencers (bloggers, instagrammers, etc.)
  • Send a press kit to specific magazines and websites
  • In short: make your brand be spoken about!


Before specializing in collection development and production for fashion brands, MonDéfilé used to develop its own collections as well as distribute and sell them online in its own online store. Thanks to that business to customer experience via our website MonDéfilé.com, we are now fully able to advise and guide you on those commercial and communication topics.

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