How to make a moodboard

The models of a collection have to be harmonious with one another, match each other, in order trop create a logical and uniform collection. Each model is usually the product of an original, trendy (not to say groundbreaking) source of inspiration. This is why the first step to creating a piece of clothing or accessory is to create a moodboard.

What is a moodboard ?
A moodboard is a montage of images, pictures, words, objects, etc. They are a source of inspiration in the development of a creative idea like the creation of a fashion piece, and express a style that will reflect your collection.

How to create a moodboard ?
To create a moodboard reflecting the style you want for your collection, you need to find sources of inspiration. You can be inspired by: a trend (laces, pastel colors, glitters), a cultural object (a book, a movie, a painting, a TV series), an event (a concert, an exhibition)… What inspires you on a daily basis will help you find the ambiance you want for your collection: a dark atmosphere, a summery atmosphere, a colourful one, a romantic one, etc. The possibilities are endless. Your sources of inspiration will help you tell a story that will give sense to your models.

Creating a moodboard is also a good way to anticipate tomorrow’s trend, by thinking about what your competitors will be doing when your collection goes out. But anticipating the trends necessitates some experience in the fashion industry, and this is why we highly recommend working with a product development agency like MonDéfilé.

The moodboard by a pattern maker
As we previously explained, MonDéfilé works with a large network of pattern makers. They all have different styles, and have all been in the fashion industry for a long time. Thus, they are all specialists in trends searching and moodboards making. We can make them work on the stylistic/moodboard making phase of your projects, in order to help you structure your ideas.

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