How to wear jean shorts and a white tee shirt ?

In summer, we sometimes feel fashion lazy, and wear something simple and comfy rather than something stylish. If just like us, you are a fan of the very classical (but very comfy) jean shorts + white tee shirt combo, here are a few ideas to accessorize and stylize your outfits this summer.

A white tee shirt

If you want to wear a white tee shirt, then choose an original one. For that, nothing is better than a printed tee shirt, to wear with destroyed mini shorts. Our favourites: the knotted cotton tank top by Angeline Dangelser, the printed tee shirt by Milkwood, and a printed tee shirt by Godard Paris. For those who like plain white tee’s better, focus on a top with an original cut like short sleeve top with net by Louise de Testa, the loose tank top by Pierre Henry Bor, or the asymetrical tank top by Studio Baqué Molinié.


A necklace

To accessorize a classical outfit, nothing’s better than big jewellery, like a collar necklace or a long necklace. With a classical white tee shirt and high-waisted jean shorts, we wear a big necklace like the Verbon wooden necklace by Salomé Charly, the tube stainless steel necklace “Tudala” by L’Or J, or the ribbons and silver chain necklace Sunset by Anne Laure Gautier. With a white tank top and boyfriend jean shorts, we wear a long necklace like the leather long necklace Suzanne by Camille Roussel, the diamond pendant necklace by Argument, or the solid silver Parrot necklace by Origami Jewellery.


A headband

For fashion lazy days, rely on your hairstyle! This summer, with a scarf, you can make many original hairstyles that will give style to a classical outfit. You can tie your scarf as a headband, a turban, put it in a braid, tie it around a bun or a ponytail, etc. We talk about it in a previous article: summer hairstyles with a scarf.


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