How to dress to go to work in the summer

These days, fashion magazines, blogs and Instagram have been flooded with outfit ideas to go the beach and visit a southern city, or bathing suits to be a naiad by the swimming pool. But some people (like us) can’t enjoy the heat because we are still at work. So for those who are not on holiday yet, here are outfit ideas to go to work when it’s really hot outside.


A pleated skirt

The pleated skirt is perfect to put up with the summer heat at work. Whether it is a long skirt like the long pleated skirt by Luc Darribère or a short skirt like the short ruffled skirt by Les Roussoeurs, we love them mainly because they let our legs breathe (unlike a pencil skirt or short shorts). A short pleated skirt can be worn with a slightly large sleeveless top; for example, we perfectly picture the short coral ruffled skirt by Louise de Testa with the lace tank top by Meryl Suissa or the loose tank top by Pierre Henry Bor. Any long pleated skirt, like the long pleated skirt by Emy Rigeot, should be worn with a tight or fitted top: the bitonal tank top by Armance Rotceig or the leather stripes body by Bibana Paris.


A jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is the effortlessly chic piece in all its glory. As it is light, it is very nice to wear in the summer, and it only needs a few pieces of jewellery to have a “working girl” effect. You can wear the Meryl Suissa jumpsuit with some golden jewellery like the fine necklace with natural pearl by Argument, the « Madame » ring par Monsieur Simone, or the YES earrings by Isabelle Michel. We forget that black attracts heat thanks to the backless jumpsuit by Tessa Delpech, that we accessorize with colourful jewels: the ribbons and silver chain necklace Sunrise by Anne-Laure Gautier, the leather reversible bracelet Maud by Camille Roussel, the Resin diamond ring by Argument, or the Maxi Billy golden cuff bracelet by Monsieur Simone.


A sleeveless dress

Nothing is nicer in the summer than having your arms and legs uncovered, and that is why the sleeveless dress is our favourite piece to wear at work! We prefer pleated dresses, large dresses, and skater dresses, much more pleasant and comfy in the middle of summer than tight dresses. For a day at the office, we love the short printed dress by Bleu Tango, to wear with a pair of light earrings like the asymmetrical earcuff three pearl by Agnès de Verneuil. For a day of meetings, we prefer the mesh cotton tulip dress by Milkaya Laijah, to wear with a practical handbag like the quilted bucket bag by Bleecker Blues. If you’re planning on doing an afterwork with your colleagues at the end of the day, then prefer the short assymmetrical dress by Eon, to wear with a cuff bracelet like the Maxi Billy cuff bracelet by Monsieur Simone.


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