How and why your brand should be on fashion events

Fashion events are essential in the development of a brand and the release of a new collection. Brands take this opportunity to show their collections to potential clients, distributors or any other fashion professional.

Professional fairs

In the same logic as for commercial development, your brand needs to be represented on at least one professional event, as an exhibitor or as a visitor. Professional events are the opportunity to meet other fashion professionals:


You can meet people who can help your brand grow and evolve. You can find the list of the main fashion events of the year in our article on this blog named our 2017 fashion calendar.


End customer fairs

In addition to professional fairs, we also advise you to participate in a few events opened to your end customers. On those types of fairs, you’ll be able to start showing your collection to potential customers, and have some first feedback from your targeted audience on your products. This will be useful to start identifying the styles that will sell the most, the styles that people like less, and it might even be an opportunity to make your first sales. We advise you to go to events such as the Nomad Market, Mode & Tissus or Wax a wonderful world.

Tips to prepare for a fair

Fashion events provide a large cover among professionals as well as your targeted audience. To be remembered, here’s a to do list that you should keep and have a look at before any event:

  • Create an attractive and original booth that will reflect the true image of your brand,
  • Print out business cards and be ready to give them away,
  • Prepare a presentation brochure (and other communication supports)


What events will you go to this year? Do not forget to check our 2017 fashion calendar.

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