Hairstyles with a scarf

Summertime is way to hot to keep our hair down all day long. In those cases, scarves are our best friends to style our hair. Zoom on our favorite hairstyles to realize with a headband or a scarf.

Braid with a scarf

The braid is the perfect summer hairstyle: crown braid, two African braids, one sided fishtail braid, etc. It is a good alternative to the bun or the ponytail to keep the neck open air. To add some style to our braid, we love putting a scarf in it! If you have short hair, you can use a small scarf like the silk classic red bandana by Mona Sultan, or a silk small printed scarf by Suprême Bon Ton. For long or medium-length hair, we prefer a large scarf like the Stripes shaded colour scarf by Mona Sultan or a Pliage cotton scarf by Denovembre.



Covering your hair up with a turban is one of the biggest trends this summer. Whether you let your hair down under it, or cover the whole head, you need a large scarf to wear it as a turban. Our favorites: Java cotton veil scarf by Suprême Bon Ton, the Lily cotton print scarf by Maradji, and the Spray Square silk scarf by Denovembre.


Bun with a scarf

Just like we like to put scarves in our braids, we can tie a scarf around our bun. It helps dressing up a messy bun, and decorates a perfectly done one, for a wedding or a birthday for example. The advantage of that hairstyle is that you can use a large scarf like the Vertigo wool scarf by Denovembre or a small scarf like the small Astra silk print scarf by Suprême Bon Ton.



Simple but effective, our last favorite summer hairstyle with a scarf is the headband. There are several ways to wear the headband: around the head above the hair (just like a 70’s hippie), as a 50’s headband, etc. To create those hairstyles, you can use a small scarf, but nothing works like a real headband, like the Marble silk headbands by Denovembre.


What are your favourite hairstyles to do with a headband? To know all the trends of the season, go to MonDéfilé. If you want find out what our favourite summer trends are, follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest!


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