Fashion trend: blue

Blue is a fresh and timeless colour. Its different shades can be winter colours or summer colours, and it comes as no surprise that it is one of our favourite colours for springtime. But how can we wear blue this season? Our hearts incline between electric blue and dark blue…

Dark blue

Deep blue, midnight blue or navy blue are all the new black: there is always something that colour in our wardrobe. This season again, the dark blue trend is unmissable. Just like a neutral colour, we do not hesitate to wear dark blue clothes in a total look! We totally love the denim ruffled midi dress by Angéline Dangelser, the transparent silk blouse by Karine Amzallag, the navy blazer jacket by Pierre Henry Bor or the printed short dress by Bleu Tango. As for the accessories, we have a weakness for dark blue bags like Darris flower clutch to wear with the Karine Amzallag jumpsuit or the Darris leather backpack to wear with a sweatshirt like the two-fabric sweat shirt by Ause. Obviously, you can match your bag with your jewellery! Our favourites: the blue and gold duo ring by Isabelle Michel, the Audacieuse dotted watch by Les Partisanes, the Confetti silver necklace by Nanananaa and the triangle earrings by Azucar.


Electric blue

Unlike dark blue, we wear electric blue in small touches: one or maximum two pieces on a whole look. But if you want to wear electric blue clothes, you have to do it right. For example, you can match the Summer clutch by Darris to the zipped blue jacket by Les Roussoeurs, wear the electric blue bomber by the french blogger Adenorah with the large Punk bracelet by Couleur punk à l’eau, the blue quilted leather bucket bag by Catherine Gaillard with the electric blue leather skirt by Armace Rotceig, the short ruffle dress by Armace Rotceig with the Mina bag by Kaleido, etc. In short, there are endless possibilities to wear electric blue clothes!


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