Elaborating your collection: how many styles should you include?

The structure of a collection is very important. The number of styles included in a collection and the number of pieces produced have to be seriously thought through. So how many styles should your collection include? And how many pieces should you produce per style?

Collection structure

How many styles should your collection include? The first thing to do is to watch over the market: make a mapping to identify your main competitors and see how many styles per collection they usually make. The number of styles also has to be adapted to your global budget. If it is your first collection ever, do not compare yourself to big well-known brands like Zara or H&M that go up to 300 references per collection. We would advise you to include around 10 styles (tops, bottoms, big pieces…) in your collection, which will give you a first representative sample to test your market.



How many pieces should you produce for each style? That depends on your commercial and distribution strategies. If you increase the number of points-of-sale, the quantities you’ll need will be higher. Most emerging brands usually produce between 5 to 10 pieces per size (which makes a total of 20 to 50 pieces per style). This gives them an interesting compromise between manufacturing costs, variety of styles to be sold and the number of pieces in stock. To decide on the number of pieces to produce, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll guide you and help you produce your collection (from 1 to 10 000 pieces with no minimum of order).

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