Creating a collection: bringing each style to life!

The first step to create a collection is obviously to draw the sketches of each style. That step is way more complicated than you would think, because it is not just drawing on a piece of paper some idea you have in mind and giving it to the manufacturer…



Firstly, the brand designer draws a sketch for each style of the collection. Several sketches have to be done: front view, back view, and even side view if necessary. All details (embroideries, lace, buttons shape, etc.) have to be very clear. Ideally, the designer can also specify the colors and fabrics he/she has in mind.



Based on those sketches, the pattern maker will create the patterns. A pattern is a global view of each style. There are several pattern techniques, like flat pattern-making or virtual fitting. The pattern sums up all the information needed to manufacture the garment: the cut, the shape, and some finishing details (seam allowances, hem, lining, etc.). It always comes together with a technical file containing the measurement chart, the assembly range, etc.



The sample is the “rough draft” of a style. It is the very first version, allowing the designer to check if the collection is faithful to what he/she had in mind. If the sample doesn’t match with the sketch, the pattern maker needs to rework on it until it looks like what is expected.



The nomenclature is a detailed list of the fabrics and supplies composing each style. No detail can be forgotten, from the colour of the thread to the shape of the buttons and the zippers.



Once the sample and nomenclature are finalized, the production can start! Before producing the whole collection, we advise making one piece in each of colors. It allows one last check before launching the whole collection production. That first version of the collection can also be introduced to fashion professionals during fashion events.


Some companies, called design offices, can help fashion brands with the whole creation process so that no step is forgotten on the way. This is what MonDéfilé does, as we propose a service offer dedicated to fashion professionals.

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