Creating a collection: anticipating fashion trends

It is a common question : “how do designers create collections that will be fashionable in one or two years?”. To draw sketches, designers usually find inspiration in what is around them, current trends, emerging trends… Let’s talk about trends researches.


Personal sources of inspiration

Just like painting, sculpting or writing, fashion is an art, and designers’ sources of inspiration are often personal. They can be inspired by their own story, by things they love like a book, a work of art, a country, a picture, a movie, etc. Inspiration can come from a shape, a colour, a landscape… A source of inspiration has influence on a whole collection, and not on one style only: the collection has to tell a story, and it makes more sense if all styles are linked to each other.


Emerging trends

How do we recognize a good designer? He knows how to anticipate trends. A designer is usually inspired by emerging trends, and can trust his intuition to know if it will still be fashionable the next year.

If you know how to analyze emerging trends, and can find the inspiration easily, you have between your hands the recipe to a (potentially) successful collection.


Design offices

A designer can also work with a design office, like MonDéfilé, that helps the designer through the whole creation process. Specialized in fashion, design offices know how to anticipate trends, and how to write them down in a trend book that the designer can rely on.

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