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Up until May 6th, the t-shirt is the focus of an exhibit in London. At the Fashion and Textile Museum, the exhibition « T-shirt : cult – culture – subversion » shows that a t-shirt, despite its very classical look, is a strong means of expression to claim our taste in music, our political convictions, our passions, etc. How can such a basic piece of clothing have such an impact on the popular culture? How is it made? How does it become a means of expression?


The creation steps

As for any clothing, the creation of a t-shirt starts with elaborating the style. At MonDéfilé, the design is made in partnership with our freelance designers network. We imagine the upcoming trends and make mood boards and design examples. The second step is the product development: pattern creation and/or digitalisation, elaboration of the technical documentation, and pattern printing in our office in Paris. Then comes the fabrics and supplies choice: this is where you can choose materials and accessories that will make your t-shirts memorable. Once the patterns are created and approved, we will launch a first sample to make sure of the final result. Once quality control has been made, production can start, before the t-shirts are delivered in points of sale.


Make a t-shirt original

As any classic piece, a t-shirt is the simplest piece of clothing that was ever made. Every brand needs to have added value to offer original t-shirts that the customers will like. Here are a few ideas to decorate the t-shirts of your collection:

  • Accessorise them with patches, zips, pearls, etc.
  • Put a message on it: the lyrics of a song, a political message, a word game, a joke, etc.
  • Write the name of your brand in a large choice of colours and typographies.


The opportunities are unlimited! If you want a personalised help in the development of your t-shirts collection, do not hesitate to contact MonDéfilé.

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